Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meet the Solkos!

Let's get real.
You probably already know us.
Most likely you are our family and maybe some friends and we probably begged you to check out our blog.
But go along with it, okay?

I'm Vanessa.  I work as a nurse in Omaha. My husband Jared is also a nurse. We were married June 7th, 2008.

Since then we have added two little girls to our family: Bailey and Avery.

Bailey Marie was born February 19th, 2010. She came exactly 4 weeks early [and breech to boot] because that was the way she wanted it. And ever since then, she has expected us to realize that she is really the one in charge. Bailey was born with a right unilateral cleft lip and palate. It presented a few challenges during her first year of life, but in typical Bailey-fashion, she has never let it slow her down. Right now her favorite things to do are all the things we don't want her to do (ie: finding her on top of the dining room table). However, she makes up for it with the cute things she does, like calling my mom on my cell phone herself and then proceeding to have a "conversation" with her, saying BYE! at the end when she was finished.

Avery Josephine came into the world May 6, 2011. She was slightly more cooperative than her big sister. After being at home for a few days, she was admitted to the NICU for an extremely high bilirubin level and while there she developed a hospital-acquired blood infection. After 3 long, lonnnnggggg weeks, we were finally able to bring her home for good, and she has been a huge homebody ever since (believe me - it's true - we can barely leave the house - ever.) Right now she is approaching 6 months old and is a joy. She loves to laugh and stare up at her big sister {who is quite frequently trying to "help" hold her or wipe her mouth with a burp cloth}. Recently she showed her true self when I turned my back for about 30 seconds... I think we have a chocolate addict in the making.

That's our family in a nutshell. We like to cook and bake {and eat}, so there will probably be some posts of food we find delicious. We both like to take pictures, especially of the girls, so expect many of those. [Credit to Jared for the editing - definitely not my area of expertise.] So tune in periodically to keep up to date on Our Blessed Nest.

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