Monday, November 28, 2011

Today I have just been reflecting on how fast the days, months, and years really do fly by.

Bailey has been sleeping in her own big-girl bed for about a week now (with the exception of a couple night's at Grandma Sherri's house). We got her room all decorated and ready for her a few months ago. New bedding and cute pillows courtesy of Grandma Cathy, her name on cute decorative letters up on the wall, a doll house bookcase filled with books and stuffed animals... but she had absolutely no interest. Then one night last week Jared went and laid her down in her daybed and she just went to sleep there. All night. Ahh-mazing! Today I just put her down for her nap in her bed. We haven't tried that before. {And just to preface, while Bailey likes going night-night, she hates naptime. She screams and kicks and cries: the whole nine yards. But usually after about one minute she is sound asleep.} So she did the same routine today as expected, but she never left that bed. Thankfully I can play deaf for a good 5-10 minutes when it is for her own good. She went off to dream land with her faithful Bun-Bun by her side. My little Bailey Boo is getting so big!

[Bailey and her Bun-Bun]

Same goes for our little Avery. She grows by the second I swear. Just the other day I felt a little bulge on her gumline. Not even 24 hours goes by and she has two little teeth poking through. It makes sense. She is drooling all over everything lately. I change her clothes and she has her whole outfit drenched in saliva in about half an hour. And it's a little weird perhaps, but I must admit I was a tiny bit sad when I saw her teeth coming in. She is our baby and I am realizing she is growing up so fast. {Plus as a breastfeeding mom, teeth are always scary to think about at first!} And who knows - we might not have another toothless, all-gums baby smiling up at us again. It makes me want to cuddle her and not let go. [And beg her to go easy on her mama with the teeth.]

We love you, you chubby little drool queen.

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