Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome the newest Solko family member...

In early September we lost our dog Willie. We were back home for our friend Shelby's wedding and Willie was at my parent's house. He loved my parent's house and had been going there for years. He would chase my mom's ducks and go eat disgusting things he shouldn't have. But he never got lost or tried to run away. He would never run on the road. My parents attended the reception and three hours later when they arrived home - Willie was gone.

We looked for miles around my parent's house and called and called for him. We put up posters in the surrounding towns. We called all the neighbors, the local animal shelters, and local vets. No one ever saw him. We have been heartbroken. We had Willie since 2007. He was our first dog together. Jared bought him home after spending a weekend in Herndon helping his Aunt Jane.

Jared & Willie  - May 2007
He was a Shih tzu-poodle mix. Admittedly, he was a weird little dog sometimes. [He would suck -not chew- on blankets or clothes until he made a hole in them. yeah...weird...] He was fiercely protective of Bailey the minute we brought her home. "Willie" was one of Bailey's first words. He was a good dog. And he loved to visit his Grandma Sherri's house.

 We miss him. I miss him sitting under Bailey's highchair waiting for her to "accidently" drop some food {talk about easy clean-up}. I miss him resting his front paws on the rim of the bathtub while the girls got their baths. I even miss him trying to sneak off with Bailey's farm animal toys. For weeks I would think I heard him running to come eat or to accompany me while I used the bathroom [I told you he was weird]. Nevertheless, we miss him... If someone took him from my parent's house, I would like to believe they are loving on him right now. And if he died, I would like to picture his furry little ass running through grassy fields in doggy heaven (you know there is one!) and sucking holes in all the blankets his little heart desires.

But now there is a new guy in town {aka the Solko house}. His name is Murphy and he's a Malit-Poo. He was born in May (just like Avery) and soon will be 6 months old. And he is tiny. Like TINY tiny. Like we-could-sit-on-him-and-crush-him tiny.

The potting training is going as well as can be expected. I think Jared and I both forgot how tedious and annoying toliet training a puppy can be. While taking care of two kids during the day, the potty training can sometimes take a back seat. Speaking of the girls, he loves them. Or maybe I should rephrase that... He loves Avery; he tolerates Bailey. On his first day Bailey proceeded to give him about 10 kisses in a row on the top of his head and then chased him around the living room. She thought this was all in great fun - Murphy not so much. With Avery he loves to curl up on the couch near her head while I am feeding her. They have both fallen asleep cuddled up together. {so sweet!} He is very much a lap dog. (Which is fine because like I said - tiny!)

So as much as we miss Willie, we are moving on with our newest furry friend. I hope he can be a loyal {and tolerant} friend to our girls as they grow up.

[And let's hope he likes rides in a stroller and playing dress-up!]

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