Monday, December 5, 2011

Carrots and Beans and Cauliflower, Oh My

Homemade baby food tends to intimidate a lot of people. People seem to think you need special equipment or an official cookbook or you have to be an all-organic nut. None of those is true. To be honest, I make my own baby food because I am lazy and hate being in the grocery store shopping for even a second longer than I have to. (Anyone been in WalMart around 6 PM on a Friday payday at the beginning of the month? Crazy white trash central.) Oh yeah, and because I hate spending money.

But truthfully, it's easy and requires very little time {a definite prerequisite at our house}. All you need is a food processor (which we already had), a few cheap ice trays, and some Ziploc bags. And the food of course. I usually buy the $1 or less bags of generic (keepin' it cheap!) vegetables. For fruits with Bailey I bought pears and apples, but you can do bananas and some other fresh fruits and don't have to worry about making them up ahead of time.

It couldn't be simpler. You just prepare the vegetables like you normally would. Then you throw them in the food processor. If the food seems too solid, you can add some water, formula, or breastmilk to it to thin it down.

Appetizing, huh?

After that, you fill up your ice cube trays with the pureed food.

A cookie scoop is the perfect size.

You leave them in the freezer for a few hours to firm up. Then I remove them and place in labeled quart sized Ziploc bags. They keep in the freezer for 2-3 months.  And the best part is that a $1 bag of vegetables makes 16-20 ounces of baby food.

So when it comes time to feed your baby, all you have to do is pop one or more of these cubes in a small dish. You microwave them for about 30 seconds and then use rice cereal or formula if needed to bring it to the correct consistency. One cube is approximately one ounce. With Bailey I mixed in some of the less-popular veggies with the foods she loved, like apples and pears. (Carrots + apples = Bailey's version of carrot cake.) So while you can make them into combinations before freezing, it was just as easy to tailor them to her liking by mixing them up later. And if you want new recipes or ideas, the internet is full of websites solely devoted to homemade baby food.

Then it comes time to actually feed these lovingly made foods to your baby. Now you just have to pray your child likes them. Bailey has always liked to eat:

My latest batch of baby food has been less well received. Somebody doesn't think carrots are all that fabulous:

Oh well. Maybe she will like carrot cake, too.

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  1. Avery looks like her Dad in that photo. Big time.


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