Friday, December 23, 2011

When did I become such a softie?

It's totally okay and basically expected that you become a hormonal, crying mess when you are pregnant - at least on ocassion.  No one thinks you're crazy when you tear up over the littlest of things. So why am I still tearing up like that when I have a 7 month old?!  Did becoming a mom make change me into that person who cries at Hallmark commercials?

Like today for example... I am sitting on the floor with the girls, playing with toys and watching The Young and The Restless. {Don't judge me - it's good. And if you don't watch, I understand your skepticism, but I've followed along since I was probably in middle school and I am not about to stop now}. It was one of those so-not-a-new-idea Christmas episodes when someone in trouble [Nikki] gets visited by her guardian angel and they see what her loved ones are doing, she is inspired to change, blah blah blah. And I started tearing up! What is wrong with me?! It wasn't even sad! Ever since Bailey was born, I have cried at the most ridiculous stuff: a Maxwell House commercial, daytime tv, ASPCA informercials (but truthfully, those ones are trying to make you cry), and I am sure my family could think of even more.

Thinking about our girls and how quickly they are growing up can really get me teary eyed. The other night during their bath, Bailey sat down gently beside Avery in the tub and held her hand. They just sat there, not making a sound, holding hands. It choked me up. I just love how much they love each other. Quiet little moments like that are so precious amidst the whining and Sesame Street watching and snacks and diaper changes that seem to eat up our days.

But....Christmas is only 2 days away now! And I am excited to watch the girls open presents this year - wait, make that:  I am excited to watch Bailey open presents and Avery try to eat all the paper this year. We are headed to my parent's house to spend Christmas with them and my sisters. Bailey and Avery will soon find out that Santa Claus has nothing on the Ellis aunts!

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