Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cathy (Jared's mom) bought us a professional quality camera for our combined birthday/Christmas present this past year. So Jared has been slowly learning how to use all the features. {I, meanwhile, take a mean picture using my old friend: "auto" mode.} The girls and I have attempted to be models for his practice photo shoots. Now that we have kids, I have tremendous respect for people who photograph children professionally. Sheesh! They are so uncooperative! However, Avery is a lazy little baby slug in no hurry to be on the move, so she is now our captive audience.

So here is a sample...


  1. These are really beautiful!! Makes me miss you guys even more. The Solko ladies look great, but where are the pictures of Jared? :) Also we've had a nice camera for a few years, courtesy of Jon's folks, and I also am BFF with the auto mode...what are all those knobbies and buttons for??

  2. These are awesome photos! Going to save you lots of money for a photographer! Love Avery's little teeth!


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