Monday, March 19, 2012

Solko Family Visit

This past weekend Jared's dad Alan, stepmom Ann, and brother John came for a visit.  Bailey immediately loved the attention of extra people. Avery {now that she is a reformed child and has experienced a personality switch in the last month or so} was happy and loving and allowed everyone to give her some love, too.

Bailey wasted no time and got Grandpa Alan and John to work reading her book after book.

Then Avery got in on the action.

We went into Omaha on Saturday afternoon and walked across the pedestrian bridge that connects Iowa and Nebraska over the Missour River.  It was a gorgeous day out, and it was nice to go get some exercise and fresh air. Avery enjoyed being pushed in the stroller and Bailey loved the thrill of almost being run over by a bicylist every few minutes.

On Sunday we spent the day just hanging out. Bailey had a "tea party" with Ann. The two of them, along with a teddy bear, had a nice "snack" of decorative rocks Bailey stole from a vase. And when the bear would take a drink, Bailey would say, "Ahh... Delicious!"  {So cute!}
Later we went to the park. Bailey loves going down the slides by herself now, although she did enjoy the "train" she made with her Uncle John and Grannie Ann.

Avery was all smiles.

Even the grown-ups had some fun...

Before they left this morning, I attempted to take a group shot. Bailey was already upset that they were leaving (or that she couldn't stay outside, but sadness from them leaving sounds better) so she is crying in every single one of them.
Typical really.
[I'm pretty sure that in every picture we ever took as kids, someone is always crying or pouting.]

All in all, it was a nice visit. We always have a lot of laughs. The girls loved having them here, and let's be honest, I liked the extra half hour or so of sleep in the morning. :)

Hopefully Bailey's plentiful hugs and kisses hold them over until their next trip.

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  1. Love! The girls are growing into such wonderful ppl and they are definitely loved by so many! Miss u guys so much!!!


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