Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

This year was Bailey's first time hunting eggs. The whole affair lasted about four minutes.
in the rain. 

It was still pretty cute.

With Aunt Justy running for the next egg

Finding one on her own

On Easter morning we went to church as a family.

{The best family photo we could get.}

Easter is a big day to us Christians. It's the day the battle was won for our souls. It's so easy to forget the real meaning behind it. It isn't just about Peeps {which are completely disgusting by the way} or dyed eggs or baked ham for lunch.

It's about Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice, which led to the ultimate gift with His rising.

Sitting there in the pew at church, it felt good to hear the familiar message again.

Jesus died so that we can be more.
more than our mistakes.
more than our shortcomings.
more than all that we are now.
We have the promise of so much more after this life of ours is over.

This promise has begun to have more meaning in my life. It means I don't have to fear anything, especially death. I truly believe that my soul will live on when my time on earth is through. No matter what happens, I will be reunited with my loved ones in a place more beautiful than my mind can even imagine. And that is all possible because of Jesus and His love for us.

Hearing the Easter message gave me that wonderful, free feeling. The one that sometimes catches you off guard... 
It usually hits me when I am driving down the open road by myself. I am lost in my own world when all of a sudden, I realize just how beautiful everything is. I notice the flowers, and watch the wind rustle the crops back and forth. I can feel the sun warming my skin and the sky just looks so incredibly blue. I feel young and carefree and optimistic about the world, like my worries have just slipped away. My soul is simply unburdened.
And I love that feeling.

I hope you all were able to spend time with those you love on Easter and give thanks for all the blessings in your own lives. Happy Easter!

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