Monday, April 16, 2012

Hire me! Buy our house! Something!

I need a job. I am hire-able, right...? Right??!

I have submitted a few applications and have recently called to check in on where they are in the process. Apparently no one is in a real hurry. The last one said, "Yes, the posting has been up on the web for about 6 weeks. We should probably start looking at the applications now."  Really?    Awesome. I interviewed last week for a sub position, thinking even if I got a part-time job, having the ability to say yes or no to days as I please would only be a good thing. After the interview she told me, "We aren't sure yet if we want to hire subs, but we will let you know in a few weeks."  Really?  Great.

I have applied for basically anything that isn't nights or every weekend. I've applied for full-time, part-time, prn/sub positions... Everything. I am just hoping some organization somewhere is hard-up to fill a position and would maybe consider hiring two part-timers instead of one full-time person. There's always a chance, right?

We have been living on one full-time and one part-time income for the past two+ years now. Granted, with Jared now having this state job, we pay nothing for insurance premiums and he actually gets some paid-time off, but still.... My missing income will be noticed, even if it wasn't all that much. It bought groceries and paid for diapers at the very least.

And we still have a mortgage to pay every month. Yes, our house is still for sale. Feel like buying it? (Here it is.)

The good news is that we have actually had a good amount of interest. The bad news is that about 4 people that have wanted to put in an offer have houses of their own to sell first. Right now we have two different sort-of options:

Couple #1 uses our same realtor and has told him point-blank that they want it. We have been waiting for almost 3 weeks now for their extra paperwork to be approved or denied for their VA loan. Ugh, government. Apparently they had a VA loan in the past at which time the husband was injured and honorably discharged from the military, but couldn't make the payments due to his injury. So that makes for a lot of extra paperwork apparently.

Couple #2 wants to buy the house on contract. We have been told by our realtor and their banker that they have good credit and both have good jobs and enough money to buy the house, but that they won't be approved for the full loan amount for another 6-8 months; therefore they want to buy it on contract. ...This gives me nightmares... I can just envision the people trashing the place and us being responsible for the headache that comes with cleaning up that mess  - both figuratively and literally. But the market in the area is becoming more saturated with acreages, so we hate to not at least consider this option, especially since they have a considerable non-refundable down payment on the table along with a full-price offer.

So for now we just sit and wait, like we have been doing for a long time. We are getting good at it. Most days I just pretend like I don't even remember we have a house for sale. It actually works most days. I have learned to embrace the art form known as denial.

I just know that there isn't much we can do at this point. We already reduced the price, and that doesn't seem to be the problem anyway. We have many people who want it at this price, they just have houses to sell. And lowering the price $10,000 or so isn't going to help those people who can't get approved for loans in the first place. In the past 5 years, the house has had upgrades: new roof, new septic, new AC, new furnace; and we have already done as many cosmetic updates as possible. The house shows great, even better now that it is staged with our furniture and void of the extras that come with actually living in a house.

A while back we even caved and bought a St. Joseph statue to bury in the ground outside the house. It hasn't seemed to have helped. But I am not Catholic and don't really buy into the whole praying-to-saints thing, so I am sure St. Joseph could sense my cynicism and slapped a big Suze Orman-style DENIED stamp across my request.

So now all we can do is pray. {And sorry St. Joseph, but I have long-since bypassed you and gone straight to The Big Guy.}

Dear God,
Please help us sell our house to someone who can enjoy it, someone who will love and appreciate it like we did, and (most importantly) someone who has amazing credit so we can get this damn thing sold already! Please help us free up some much needed cash money and decrease the current level on our Stress-O-Meter. Oh, and as You probably already know, I could really use a job, too. Amen.

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