Friday, April 20, 2012

Somedays you just really need some sugar

It's been one of those days weeks.

This is Week #3 of Jared being gone (4 if you count the last week I spent at our house with the girls back in March).

**And before I vent, I realize 3 or 4 weeks is basically nothing. Many people have family members deployed - sometimes overseas, and I shouldn't complain. But it's my blog, so I just might anyway... **

The girls have had it up to here with Mommy Time. They were basically angels the first couple weeks. But now the jig is up.

Nap time has turned into a complete circus. Bailey screams and outright refuses to lay down. Poor Bun-Bun and Baby get thrown about the room at random. There are tears and thrashing of covers.

And then there is Avery - furiously sucking her thumb in a desperate attempt to tune it all out.

Just today I heard Bailey tiptoeing around the room 30 minutes after I had put them down. I go in to find Bailey's bed sheets torn from the bed and a pile of poop on the floor. Bailey is just standing there yelling "Diaper!" at me over and over. A diaper? - what a novel idea! Now if she would just leave hers on. Bailey was very unhappy with my mean-mommy-look. {And believe me, it isn't hard to conjure up "the look" when you are gathering up toddler poop off the floor.}

You might say, "It must be time to start potty-training." And you would probably be right. Bailey takes off her pants and diaper in the morning and tells me "potty!" But when we get in the bathroom, she refuses to sit for longer than 0.45 seconds. So she knows when she needs to go, she just won't.  This has been happening for a few months. I am ready to see some action! And I would love it if she would stop dropping her poopy diaper sunny-side down on the floor, too.

And overall, I have just felt really tired, hormonal, and moody. And 2 year-old temper tantrums have only improved my outlook, let me tell ya.

So I decided it was time for some sugar. [I deserved it.]

Hooray for cupcakes!

And yes, those are sprinkles. Everyone knows that sprinkles make everything taste better.

And I don't screw around. If I am consuming this many calories, I am going straight for the homemade butter cream frosting. No gross container of fake store-bought frosting for me. And it's super easy, too.

             * 2 1/2 sticks of unsalted butter, softened
             * 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar
             * 1 tsp vanilla
             * 2 Tbsp milk
             * a pinch of salt
                     -- Beat together the butter for about one minute.
                         Then add in the rest and beat for another 4-8 minutes until light and fluffy.
                     *Definitely do a taste-test.
                      You might need to add in a little bit more powdered sugar to make it taste just right.

There. Now you can be a fatty like me and brighten your day with a little sugar, too.

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