Friday, April 6, 2012

A week in the life of the Solko ladies

It's been a busy first week.

Jared has been in Des Moines since Monday morning. He will be gone the entire month of April, Monday through Friday, for his training. So in essence, I am a make-shift single mother five days a week for the next month.  The girls and I are doing fine, we just miss Daddy.

We've been doing lots of new things though.

We went to see some baby chicks with my grandma Joyce and cousin Alan. Bailey even saw a chicken lay an egg, which was by far the thrill of her day.

We went to a story-time play session (light on the stories) at the local library where the girls got to play with other kids for a change. Also at this play date I discovered that Bailey is going to be that kid who cares more about the snacks than interacting with people. {She must take after her aunt Fe, who at the age of about four was constantly asking my mom "What's fo suppo?" at around 8 AM...}

We went to the city park with Grandma Sherri and got some serious swinging and sliding done.

My friend Sarah came over for supper along with her son, River, and boyfriend, Austin. We caught up on the latest gossip and ate food (aka: the usual).

We went for a stroller ride across town to Linda's house and Bailey danced along with one of Linda's interactive Easter decorations - a bunny that sang and hopped up and down. And Linda, of course, hopped and sang right along with it.

Aunt Beaner came home for Easter weekend yesterday and brought us some delicious sugar cookies from Omaha. Yum yum...

My friend Holly also stopped by this morning to deliver us a thoughtful welcoming basket filled with local foods (and wine!). Her daughter Kenley - who is 6 weeks older than Avery - showed off her walking skills. {Hope that motivated your lazy butt, Avery!}

Also this week, I put in my app for Mother of the Year

Bailey escaped outside and down the sidewalk to a neighbor's house while I was upstairs putting Avery down for a nap. Awesome. She opened up two different doors, both of which I didn't realize she could even open in the first place.  Thank God we live in a small town.

Then Avery took a (literal) nosedive off the recliner onto the carpet and now has a rug burn on her nose.

Unfortunately it is the wrong time of the year to look like Rudolph, honey.

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