Monday, April 23, 2012

While browsing Facebook today, I realized just how many "friends" I have that I don't particularly even like - let alone consider a friend. Out of approximately 500 friends, I have probably only a handful of actual true friends, a large number of now-acquaintances, and another handful of people I can't stand.

For one particular person, I even went as far as hiding all pictures, status updates, and basically everything else in general because it's too overwhelming. I don't need 25 status updates from you in one day. Seriously  - no one cares what you eat for every single meal.
There is another site for that and it's called Twitter.

I had to hide the pictures because this person takes their family on about 10 vacations a year. Now that is fine and dandy. I love vacations {we just don't get to go on many now}. And I actually sort of like vacation pictures. I just can't handle this person's vacation pictures because I know for a fact that her mom still pays her bills. She is a married woman with kids and her parents literally pay her bills - and then she goes on vacation. It's none of my business, but even still, it just annoys me. So yeah, I can't pretend to enjoy your album of vacay pics from your 5th trip of 2012. {Especially when my idea of a vacation right now is a trip to the grocery store sans kids. But hey, at least I cut a monthly check to Verizon all on my own.}

I have other Facebook friends that I don't particularly like, but I still keep them as friends. It's probably because every once in a while, if the mood strikes, I like to see what they are up to. And it is nice to check out their profiles because their lives are almost always guaranteed to be way more screwed up than mine. So on those days when you really are feeling like a huge loser, just type in a couple names and - Bam!Instant Confidence Booster.  Okay, so I am kind of joking, but some other people feel this way, right? You keep certain people hanging around on your Facebook just because the stupid things they do and write give you a laugh, right?  (Well I know my sister Beaner joins me in this because she creeps like no one else I know! And she admits it with pride.)

I really do try not to overload my Facebook with picture after picture of my kids or a daily update of what I ate or how long I ran. And to those of you obsessed with marathons, you're making us non-runners exhausted just reading your statuses! {I will just never understand the desire to run 26 miles... but more power to ya.} When I first started this blog, I was linking quite a few of the posts to my Facebook account so that my Facebook friends would know I had started one. That way if they want to read it - great. If not, that's fine too. Now that I feel more established in it, I am trying not to link much anymore. I really don't want to be that friend people roll their eyes at every time they post something.

Okay, this was a really random post today. I should probably finish up so I can go upload some pics to my Facebook album and let the world know I had left-over chicken for lunch.

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