Wednesday, May 30, 2012

15 Things I will never apologize for

I saw this on some other blogs, in response to a magazine article featuring Miranda Lambert and the 15 things she won't apologize for, and I am going to steal it. It took me about a week to write these down as they randomly came to me. So here they are in no particular order.

  1. My dislike of smoking. I just don't get it. It smells horrible, you look silly doing it, and it's expensive to boot. And honestly, the last words I think of when I see someone smoking are classy, sophisticated, and smart. Just sayin'.
  2. The Young & The Restless. At this point, I have invested like 15+ years into this show; I am not going to stop now. I don't have to watch every episode and sometimes I skip through parts. I already know what Victor is going to say anyway, All right?
  3. Breastfeeding/pumping. My baby needs to eat. If you don't like it, please feel free to not stare at me or the blanket that is completely covering my child. And I am pretty positive I never apologized for taking my government allotted 15 minute breaks twice a day at work to pump. It was my right by law. And the person(s) who didn't like it just added it to their long, long list of things to incessantly bitch about.
  4. Defending my family and friends. Yeah, some of us might do stupid things, and there are times when I might think the same thing. I might even say it out loud. But it is definitely not okay for you to.
  5. Working part-time. When you have kids, sometimes going to work is actually more like your day off.
  6. Being the mean parents that make their kids go to bed. I know there are lots of different methods out there... we just put them down and it worked. Maybe we're just lucky. Or maybe we are just strong-willed enough not to cave at every little whimper. Or maybe I have a heart of stone. Whatever the answer, I get a full night's sleep every single night. Heaven.
  7. Drinking too much and dancing around like a crazy person with my friends (I am thinking of you, Kate Clifton). As long as no tequila or tears are involved, it's all good.
  8. Saying "no". I am asked to pick up a day at work and I don't want to: No.  Yep, it can be that easy.
  9. My love for food. All kinds. And I usually have to finish my plate - a hard-to-break habit from growing up with my father. Is it any wonder I married someone who loves to cook?
  10. My opinions. I can't stand hearing people say racist or homophobic things. Can't. Stand. It. There have been occasions where things were said and it would have caused a bigger scene for me to say something in response, so I have stayed mum. But those times are becoming few and far between. I have begun to more readily voice my dislike and intolerance for someone to say things like that in my presence. Think it all you want, but just keep your mouth shut. Your intolerance doesn't have to be my issue.
  11. Drinking Diet Mountain Dew. {DMD to some.} I gave it up for almost a year while I nursed Avery, but somehow it is creeping its way back into my life again.
  12. Going a bit overboard on the organizational stuff. Most nights I have to do the dishes and pick up all the girls' toys before I can even think of going to bed. Otherwise I just know they are laying there, waiting for me tomorrow. And I can't stand that feeling.
  13. Not caring about having a designer purse or brand-new car or ridiculously expensive shoes. To even think about a normal person spending $300+ on a Coach diaper bag of all things makes me roll my eyes. I just don't care.
  14. How many children we have. Yeah, I know they are close in age. But I am the one paying for them, so we will do as we please. (Although on a side note, this is quite possibly the final bambino anyway.)
  15. My lack of sports knowledge. I watch sports. I understand the games and most of the rules, but I basically know zero players. That is what I have jock sisters for.


  1. You are going to have to teach me some organizational skills!! I definitely need some pointers!! My house is a wreck 99% of the time!! Like now. :( ...(maybe I should be cleaning instead of on the computer?)

  2. Love everything on this list! And I also love the picture of Baby #3 you've added to the sidebar. So excited for you guys!


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