Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Avery's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday to ....

We celebrated Avery's 1st birthday on Sunday afternoon with family, gathered around our table, eating grilled hotdogs and salads.

A very low key affair for sure.

The birthday girl was on her best behavior, even when all the attention got a little overwhelming.

She patiently awaited her cake.

But when it got in front of her - watch out!
There was no timidly-poking-at-it stuff. She went for it...

with both hands.

I think she was legitimately trying to eat the entire cake.
Thankfully she stopped before that happened.

{She did leave a few crumbs behind.}

Present opening was also a hit.

Oddly, she enjoyed closely inspecting all the cute clothes she received. She kept throwing them in the air over and over. And then she chewed on some tags and tried to eat some wrapping paper. And then tissue paper, which is her favorite.  
All in a good day's work.

She particularly liked the bright colors of the pants.

Bailey got to play the part of official gift-delivery-lady (or something like that).
Whatever.   It kept her entertained.

{Clearly she is happy with her very important job.}

Birthday Girl was far too busy to take a picture with her parents, but we made her anyway.
We would have included Bailey, but at the time she was stripping off her clothes and running around the house. Quite the entertainer, obviously.
That girl loves to strip.
{And I am sincerely hoping that is not something I can say 15 years from now.}

The day was filled with lots of hugs and kisses and laughs and love.

And even some sisterly love.

Happy 1st Birthday Avery Josephine!

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  1. Oh Avery! BEAUITFUL girl!! I've never gotten the pleasure of meeting u or gorgeous miss Bailey...but I love u girls so much! Happy birthday sweetie!!!


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