Thursday, May 31, 2012

Precious Moments

Tonight I quietly opened the door to Bailey and Avery's room, delicately climbed over the baby gate, and snuck inside. I tiptoed across the floor and crept up to Bailey's bed.

I found our girl sprawled out in bed on top of the covers. I decided to tuck her in and reached under the sheets to find her trusty Bun-Bun. Instead I found something else. Tucked inside her bed was every single book from the bookcase in her room. Apparently someone wasn't tired and was in need a little night time reading session. I extracted stack after stack of books from her bed so that I could tuck our baby up under the covers. In her sleepy state she grabbed my hand and held it close to her as she turned on her side and cuddled into her warm bed.

It's sweet little moments like this that really make me feel like a mom.

I feel like a mom plenty of other times too. {Time-outs and midnight feedings just don't make me as nostalgic.} Tucking my sleepy child into bed at night is something I always imagined myself doing - long before I was ever pregnant. It seems so simple, so sweet, so loving. And I am learning to treasure those times, even if I have to sneak into her dark room to steal a sweet quiet moment with her. Because as she is showing us so very often these days, she is getting bigger by the second. She has opinions and attitude and someday soon she won't frequently yell out demands for Mommy and Daddy's hugs and kisses.

For now she can whine and scream and cry all she wants during her waking hours. But at 10 o'clock at night, her mom will quietly sneak in and visit the sweet little girl who is growing up way too fast.

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