Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It's just around the corner. And I am getting excited. It's such a great excuse to get out and make plans to do fun things.

This weekend Jared has a whole 3 days off. Yippee! While he is sleeping off Friday's overnight shift, the girls and I will be going to the Gala Day's parade in Lytton. I haven't been in a few years. And in all actuality, it might be small and low on the excitement, but I haven't ever taken the girls to one, so it will be fun for us no matter what.  There is a carnival there, so the plan is to buy a few tickets and let Bailey have the exotic experience that is dirty carnival rides and funnel cake.

When I was little we always attended the parade on Saturday morning and afterward my mom would pack a picnic and we would go eat our lunch in the park. Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Ronnie were usually in attendance too. After eating we could play on the swings and jungle gym, which was sort of a big deal for girls that lived in the country and never really played at a park outside of school. We would spend the afternoon using up the last of our ride tickets, hanging out with our friends, and laughing at some of the carnies that clearly believed in bathing once a month whether they needed it or not.

On Sunday we are planning a trip to Omaha to see Fe and Beaner before visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo on Monday. I am highly anticipating this trip - not so much because I am a big animal freak or anything - but because I know how excited Bailey is going to be to see the animals. She looks at her picture books and points out the elephants and giraffes and zebras and lions. {She also does a heck of a roar! for said lion.} I am just imagining the look on her face when she sees and points to a real-life lion in amazement. Hopefully Avery enjoys herself as much as any 12 month-old can. If not, the stroller can be a nice nap locale for her.

I am also gearing up for summer and the water it brings. I am hoping to spend quite a few days with the girls at the baby pool. Both girls have their swimming suits lined up (Thanks Gramma Cathy!) and my newly-ordered maternity one is in the mail. Both girls love the water at bath time, so I am betting the same will be true of pool time. If not, I have a few pool toys up my sleeve to entice them... I will also be sure to pack the Little Swimmers this time. No one was too thrilled with Bailey's Kim Kardashian impression last year (okay, maybe I was):

Baby Got Back!

Afternoons at the lake are also in our future. Bailey is the proud new owner of some sporty looking water-wings. {I am interested to see how well that goes...} I also found a baby floatie device that we can plop Avery in. We are all set for some water adventures!

As a kid we spent many a Sunday afternoon with my mom's family: boating, eating grilled hotdogs and scotcharoos, and chasing each other off the dock at Treeman Park. I hope our kids experience the same simple pleasures of processed meat, sunshine, and accidental mouthfuls of lake water.  Although at this rate, we might need to recruit some "cousins" for them to play with.

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