Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A night away

There is never a dull moment in the Solko household.
Truthfully, we're not that exciting, but we definitely haven't had much time to sit around and put our feet up lately.

This past weekend, Jared and I snuck away to Des Moines for a night away to celebrate our anniversary. Jared got a free night's stay at a nicer hotel {aka not a Motel 6} when the hotel screwed him over during his stay for training back in April.  Score for us!  I really love free.

We checked in early and enjoyed our 24 hours of child-free bliss. Or at least we would have if the hotel hadn't been over run by 9 year-olds. There must have been some huge little league baseball tournament nearby because kids in uniforms were everywhere! {And believe me, the free beverage station with pop available 24 hours a day just added to the fun.} Regardless of the preteen take over, we had a good time. We went out to eat without children (amazing!) and had adult conversation. Sleeping in the next morning was also a highlight.
It really is the little things...
(And there are no pictures from our night away because we suck like that and always forget.)

Monday was back to Mommyhood reality. Except reality with extra naps. I should have known something was up when at 11 AM Bailey gathered up a bunch of pillows on the living room floor, laid down with Bun-Bun, and covered herself up with a blanket. Within a minute she was snoring. Loudly. This is the same child who screams when I finally force her to nap at 2 pm some days.

I should have known this was too good to be true.

She woke up for about 30 minutes - just long enough to refuse lunch and give me a few dirty looks for even asking her to eat. Then she promptly moved her pillow to the couch and cuddled up with another blanket. That is when I noticed she was warm.

Our Bailey Boo was sick for the first time. Her fever got as high as 103.5º and she was beside herself. She has never had more than a cold before - and that was just one time.

Although no mom wants to see her baby sick, it's a sweet little tug at your heartstrings: the way your baby wants only you when she's sick. Daddy is okay, and 99% of the time he is actually preferred in our house, but "Mommy" is what came from her lips. We snuggled together on the couch with Bun-Bun between us and napped off and on while Avery slept in her crib. She finally went to bed late last night and managed to get some sleep. Today was much better. I can tell she is better because the house is again covered in toys and there were many demands at supper regarding which cup she would drink her milk from. {"Elmo cup! Elmo cup!" in case you're wondering.} 

Yep, she's better. For sure.

Today was another doctor's appointment. They last all of about 45 seconds. But I did get to hear #3's heart beating away in there.
And if you are going to by old wives' tales, that would indicate another girl. So maybe it's a good thing that I already have my heart set on the girl's name I want. Now just to convince Jared...

Since we have such a great track record at deciding on names (definite sarcasm here), I thought we should probably get an earlier start. We are planning on another surprise this time around, so we will need to make an effort to actually have both a boy's and girl's name picked out - not just sort of pick one on the way to the hospital after my water has broken. (It's a good thing Bailey was a girl.)
All I know is this baby better plan on cooking for the full amount of time so Jared and I have time to hem-haw around and randomly come up with something!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys got away...even if it was only for a bit and surrounding by lil heathens hahaha

    So glad Bee-Bee's betta and back at spittin' out her random demands haha Its definitely hard seeing sweet kiddos sick :s


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