Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The "Big" One

Ultrasound that is.

I turned 19 weeks today. And today was The Big Day.

For most people it's just the ultrasound to see whether they are having a boy or a girl. But once you have had an ultrasound not go according to plan, it takes some of the carefree fun out of it.
Believe me, people. Ignorance is most definitely bliss.

After having a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, every ultrasound filled my brain with worry and anticipation: "Please God, let there be a heartbeat." And after a few normal ultrasounds with Bailey, I started to relax. {My personal mantra: See Vanessa, everything is fine!}
And then BAM! - the 24 week ultrasound that revealed her cleft lip.
Back to dreading ultrasounds.

Dread isn't quite the right word. It's special to see that tiny little person dancing around on the screen before you. It's cute to watch them suck their thumb and kick their little limbs. And it is completely reassuring to hear the words: everything looks great!  It's just that there is so much that can be wrong. The human body is so complex, it truly is a wonder that problems don't occur more often. And honestly, a cleft wasn't the end of the world. We're blessed to have kids that are healthy. And happy.

But I still worry.

At least I do the moment I am lying on that table with gel rubbed all over my stomach.

Here was the first look at Baby.

Baby spent almost the entire ultrasound with its legs up to its mouth and hands covering its face. {This chid is already about 1000 times more flexible than its mama.} Every single facial profile picture features at least one hand and one leg.

But thankfully this child gave us a good look at everything, including about 8 different close-ups of the mouth and lips throughout the ultrasound, courtesy of my extra-reassuring ultrasound tech.

The ultrasound tech was so sweet. I told her up front that ultrasounds make me nervous due to past experience and that I have a little girl born with a cleft lip and palate. When I got scans at the Med Center with my last two, they weren't allowed to give you any information at all during the ultrasound. And I was prepared for this lady to do the same. But this time around I have to wait 2 full days to get the "official report" on the ultrasound findings, so I was working up my best A-game to guilt some info out of her.

Turns out I didn't need to. Absolutely no harassment was necessary.
She talked me through the entire thing and let me know system by system that things looked great.  Everything was normal. A huge weight lifted off me.

And I am not kidding about the 8 different views of the face. I think she really wanted me to know that things looked normal. And after that many looks and her explaining what I was looking at, I finally got it. {And I think I might even be able to perform that part of the ultrasound now!}

So that's it in a nutshell {pending my "official" report on Thursday of course}:

A boring, drama-free ultrasound and a healthy little baby.
Exactly what I was hoping for.


  1. I am excited for baby #3 to come! I am also excited that we got to celebrate the good results with Papa Murphy's pizza last night. :)

  2. Agreed!!! Thank you Lord!! Now, lets make that baby cook and a "worry-free" delivery! So much to celebrate and I say pizza was an excellent choice!


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