Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I could use a big zap of energy lately.

There are all these things that need to be done. Cabinets to be emptied, boxes to be packed, other boxes to be unpacked, cabinets to be filled... You get the picture.  Along with the other normal everyday things like cooking food and laundry. All of which I have no desire to complete.

Not sure if it is the summer heat or just being pregnant in general but I have zero motivation lately. I know I have things to accomplish and I really do want to accomplish them, but it is soooo hard to get off the couch in the morning. I am going to go ahead and blame it on the tiny fetus. With both of my previous pregnancies, I never felt this fatigued - especially in the 2nd trimester when you are supposed to get this wonderful energy surge.  Yeah right.

It probably has a lot to do with the fact that my bedtime hasn't been very regular. It seems the only time I have for myself is from 10 - midnight. So if I want to upload pictures or post on the blog or read a book, I have to wait till the kids are asleep. And I usually wait until Jared has left for work too.

And the Olympics isn't helping much either. Because seriously, who wants to go to bed early when they could be watching Michael Phelps win his record-setting 19th Olympic medal or the U.S. women's gymnastic team take the gold?! Definitely no one at this house. And when I finally decide, oh yes - I will finally go to bed, Bob Costas has to go and tease the next final event coming up and then I am sucked in yet again! Darn you, Olympic fever!

Despite my lack of gumption lately, things have been getting done. The house is now entirely painted (we're talking approximately 10 rooms, complete with upper and lower trim) with the exception of a couple of doors. {We ran out of trim paint and Jared's give-a-damn is officially busted right now anyway.} With every trip across town to our new house, we load up the back of the Pilot and take a few non-essentials over. The phone/Internet and Dish got installed today (after 2+ hours of phone time due to them both screwing things up - ugh, how I hate automated voice prompts!) and work is almost finished on the repairs to the backyard patio roof/overhang thingy.

All that is left is to actually move. But with all that we have already hauled, we mainly just have the big things left - beds, dressers, dining room table... My goal is to be all moved in by Tuesday. Jared has Sunday through Tuesday off so we should have ample time to actually set things up and get organized.
Believe me, I am more than ready at this point!
Let's get this thing done!

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  1. I have been up REALLY late as well because of the Olympics! I can't get enough!


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