Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekend Road trip

Today's news:
We're having a healthy baby!
I had my appointment today for the "official" results of Tuesday's ultrasound. Baby Solko #3 is lookin' good.

Which is great because I have lots of other things to worry about at the present moment - like packing up for our 8-hour road trip tomorrow. Yes, that's correct. 8 hours. In the car. With a 2 year-old and a 1 year-old. And a husband that will be trying to sleep from the previous night's shift.
{FML is the only appropriate phrase to use here, I do believe.}

Jared is in his cousin Greg's wedding this weekend back in good ol' Herndon, Kansas.
[And for all of you that have heard stories of this infamous place: no, he is not marrying his cousin.]
It is sure to be a good time. The booze will be flowing and the karaoke will be in full swing. And Jared gets a guaranteed D.D. 
Lucky him.

So I have been a list-making fool. Love lists. I can't survive without lists. Because Heaven help us if I forgot extra insulin, or even worse, Bailey's Bun-Bun. We have a cooler packed with cheese sticks and "foot" (fruit) snacks and a bag full of books and small toys. We debated borrowing a DVD player to entertain Bailey, but we decided that we might not be able to handle multiple hours of Disney movies and the whining that would ensue should we attempt to turn it off.

In other preparation I have been creating a play list for the trip. Our itunes is completely overrun by random songs Jared sees fit to download on a whim. Every few months I nag him to go through them and we find that he only knows about half of them. He just downloads whole albums when all he wants is one or two songs. So I have gone half-blind looking through our music to make a play list of a measly 50 songs. It's random. Think Queen meets fun meets Johnny Cash.

And on the topic of random... I found something that stops me from eating peanut butter straight from the jar with a spoon: Costco's "natural" peanut butter. (Ingredients: peanuts and salt.) Apparently I need that high fructose corn syrup. I miss you creamy Skippy!

Enough of my ramblings, I really should continue packing the car and then get my butt to bed. We have a long day tomorrow. That is if I don't veer off the road in frustration by 10 AM... Just kidding. An occasional DMD and a mouth-watering Nutrageous will get me through the day!
{Have I mentioned that Nutrageous candy bars are God's gift to pregnant women and that I may need an A&E style intervention soon?}

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Think of me as we are rolling down I-80 tomorrow. And again on Sunday. Say a prayer for my sanity. And my blood sugar. [Damn Nutrageous...]

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