Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's been a little overwhelming around here to say the least.

It all started with that Kansas trip 10 days ago. It was fun and Jared had  "a good time"  as my dad would say. {"Having a good time" is my dad's go-to phrase for fun that involves copious amounts of alcohol being consumed.}

During that same time, my grandparents rented a large cabin at Twin Lakes for the whole family to enjoy for a week - just like they do every year. Because we missed the first few days, we made an effort to go out to hang out with everyone most nights last week.

It was fun. Bailey and Avery went swimming in the lake a few times. And because the lake is so low this year, there was a nice patch of sand available right by our cabin. Both girls put their sand toys to good use. We also took the girls out on the boat for the first time this summer.

Avery's first time trying out her life jacket.

Our curly haired girl just sat back and felt the wind blow her hair in every direction possible.

{And yes, that is pizza sauce smeared on her face. We ate super healthy all week and took great care with our appearance too.}

We stayed out way past the girls' bedtime basically every night for 10 days and we eventually began to pay for it. We were exhausted by the end of the week....

...Just in time to close on a new house! Thursday was officially House Day. And while I am excited, I think Jared is feeling more overwhelmed. After all, he is the one doing most all of the painting and minor updates before we move in. He has become a maniac, and I say that with the utmost love and affection (Love you!). For example, he woke up this morning at 5 AM and couldn't fall back asleep. So what did he do you ask? He drove over to the house and started painting! That's one way to get things done I guess.  He has been working like a mad man on everything and it is starting to really come together. {Can't wait to post some before and after photos!} Almost the entire downstairs is painted (and I mean every single room) and the upstairs is starting to take shape. Now just some pesky wallpaper border to take down.  Oh and that whole packing/moving thing too.

And speaking of packing/moving... that brings me to more chaos of the week.

On Sunday morning, after working a night shift and not sleeping, Jared decided to go to our old house to pack up the remainder of our things. It seemed like a good idea. The plan was for Taylor (my dad's now hired hand who used to live with them for a few years in high school - long story) and his brother to drive my dad's pick-up and trailer down to our house while Jared rode along and slept. They got there and realized they couldn't load everything they came for and that there was way more than we had remembered leaving. {Isn't that how it always is?} They loaded up all that they could and got on the road.

Jared, running on no sleep, told Taylor to take the next exit on the interstate in a couple miles and then fell asleep. He woke up a while later to discover that they never took the exit and were now 30 miles in the wrong direction.  Whoops #1.  

So thus a 2-hour trip became a 3-hour trip. Eventually they got back on the right road and since it was now a straight shot home, Jared again fell asleep. He woke up as the truck was breaking down along the side of the highway. Turns out Taylor had filled my dad's diesel truck with regular gas.  Major Whoops #2. 

Now Jared isn't the most patient person to begin with, but he basically lost it. They were over an hour away from home and had to wait for my dad to line up my grandpa's pick-up to come and switch vehicles. Jared wasn't about to sit and wait in a truck for an hour and a half with a person he felt like strangling, so he walked the 5 miles to the nearest town in 105º heat. {It's a wonder he didn't have a heat stroke.} And since he got a nosebleed a mile or so into the walk, covering his arm and shirt with blood, there wasn't a soul about to stop and ask if he needed help.

And when it was all said and done, neither Jared or my dad killed anyone. And someday I think we might be able to laugh about it. {Although I think it is going to be a while before my dad laughs about it...}

And rounding out a week-plus of ups and downs, today was my aunt Kim's funeral in Fonda.

Funerals are tough, even if you aren't particularly close to someone. I always find it so hard to see other people grieving, witnessing such raw pain and sorrow. I am a crier anyway - tack on some pregnancy hormones and I am a mess.

It truly was a beautiful service. When I am in church, it is usually the music that speaks to me the most. But I thought the message today was memorable. It is the message we all have heard time after time.  We know the story of Christ's victory over death, but it seems particularly moving to hear when you are mourning the loss of someone.

The older I get, the more faith I have that our life on this earth is not the end. It gives me hope and strength to know that death is most certainly not the champion. Because someday I am going to be the one desperately missing and grieving for someone I love. And it gives me peace to have faith that I will see them again someday.

Honestly, I have never lost someone close to me.
All my grandparents are still living.
My parents and siblings are healthy.
I have been blessed with a husband and healthy children.
And I do realize how very fortunate I am to be able to say that.
I am personally not afraid to die. I am much, much more afraid of experiencing the pain of losing someone I love. I know my day will come. I just hope that when I am the one in that front pew of the church, I can remember that while our life on earth is short, the rest of our journey is for eternity.

Sorry for this long, random post
{for those of you who made it this far!}.
Lately it's been a mix of happy and sad. And I am hoping for some calm days ahead.

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  1. Oh sweet Jared...I did have to laugh altho I KNOW its so not close to even being funny right now! Rest sweet man...don't burn yourself out!!!

    Love the thoughts Vanessa...all so true!


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