Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Swimming, Shades, and S'mores

Apparently the word of the day is S. {I think I have been watching too much Sesame Street.}

Today we headed out to Twin Lakes where my parents are trying out their newly-acquired RV for the first time. Now that summer is winding down and school is back in session, things were pretty quiet out there. It was nice weather and a perfect day to spend relaxing in lawn chairs and watching the girls get messy - which they did with ease.

Bailey and Avery's instructions for a good time:
Get wet in pool. Get out. Cover yourself with grass and dirt. Get back in pool to rinse off.
And repeat.
And repeat.
Sunglasses are a must-have.
Extra points if they are someone else's and way too big for your face.
This child loves food.
You probably couldn't tell by the huge smile on her face as she receives Pizza Slice #2. 
And this is after eating two packages of fruit snacks, one individual-sized bag of Fruit Loops, multiple bites of brownie and a sippy cup of juice.
This girl can eat!    
{Coincidentally, "eat" is one of her favorite words. Go figure...}
Roasting marshmallows with Daddy

S'mores! {cookie style}
My mom's invention. Easier for the girls to hold on to and cheaper to make thanks to Dollar General brand cookies that cost a whopping $1. And you still get the graham and chocolate.
A win-win.

Sticky fingers. Thankfully that pool was still full of water.
Dirty, rinse, repeat.
All in all a good day.
When the bath water at the end of the night is about as dirty as the lake, you know it was a successful day.


  1. mmmmm I want that smore Bailey!!! These are the cutest pictures! What a fun day.


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