Tuesday, September 4, 2012

27 weeks

To #3 ~

The days and weeks are really starting to fly by now. Summer is all but gone and there is a promise of cooler weather this weekend. The thought of fall makes your impending arrival seem that much closer. Even still we should have a good 12 weeks left to prepare. But neither of the Solko sisters thought it fitting to follow that time frame, so maybe 10-11 weeks is a better guess.

I can't help but wonder whether you might be that elusive boy this branch of the Ellis family has been waiting for. If not, Papa Jeff might have to pin his hopes on someone else... I wonder only because you've been different. I had never had a food craving in all my life until you came along. {You know it's been a bad couple of weeks when the clerk at the gas station associates you with a certain candy bar.} I also have come to know those early feelings of discomfort. I have always thought that some women are just whiny. Those women who are moaning and groaning and are only half-way there. I am finally seeing their point-of-view a little bit. And while I try not to be that person, there are times when you seriously feel like a 10-lb baby jammed in there with your head all up in my ribs. {Seriously, how can your head already feel that huge?!}

But aside from the frequent bathroom trips and swollen feet, I am trying my best to enjoy you - just as you are right now. You might very well be the last little being to occupy my womb. Your little kicks and nudges and pokes and jabs might be the last ones I feel from the inside. And I love them. Even when they are uncomfortable, I absolutely love them. And even though I will be so excited to meet you on the outside, when you leave I will feel empty in a way. For a few days I will place my hand on my stomach out of habit and wait to feel your kicks. And then you will cry loudly and bring me back to reality...

I just want you to know that even though you are our third, we are still just as excited to meet you. It is cliché, but so very true: every new baby is a miracle. I am wondering if you will look like me or your dad. If your newborn cry will sound exactly like those of your sisters. If you will suck your thumb like Avery or try to fit your whole hand in your mouth like Bailey. If you will be dressed in pink or blue. (Chances are blue actually means a lot of green and yellow. Blue isn't exactly plentiful in our house right now.)

I pray frequently for you to grow healthy and strong. Each day I am thankful that you remain safe in my stomach to keep practicing those tiny breaths and packing on pounds. I don't worry much because I learned that lesson with Bailey. Worrying is pointless. Right now I am just focused on the future and all the wonderful things we have to look forward to.

I already love you so much. It's a love you will only know someday when you have children of your own. I've never even seen your sweet little face, but you already have my whole heart.
                                                                 ~ Your Mama


  1. I am excited for baby #3 to come, girl or boy. But.. I've heard somewhere that the 4th one is always the best.. ;)


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