Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fruity Pebbles

There are opportunities for learning everywhere, which Bailey reminds me of constantly.

Today was a lesson (a very long lesson) in colors.  Courtesy of Fruity Pebbles.

We buy Fruity Pebbles because I am essentially an 8 year-old when it comes to cereal tastes. While Jared is the grown-up that eats breakfast foods with words like "bran" in the title, I prefer some delicious Cookie Crisp or some Trix. {They aren't just for kids.} Thus, Bailey benefits and gets to eat Mommy's fun cereal.
Bailey's newest game is "What color?" Essentially everything she lays eyes on during the course of her day is fair play. Hand towels, photo frames, books, toys, sidewalk chalk that she used to draw "lipstick" on her sister ... all of it: "What color?" She asks it so often that Avery has even taken to answering for her - although with Avery the answer is always "blue!"
So it makes sense that we went through almost an entire bowl of cereal asking "What color?" to each and every flake. She amazes me everyday by how much she picks up. I don't know that I ever taught her the color brown, but she never gets that one wrong. She confuses green and red from time to time, but otherwise has got them all down. Especially pink.
Finally she had enough of the game and decided to finish up the rest of her breakfast meal (with many loud slurps along the way).
Avery, meanwhile, just sat back, doing what she does best: eating.

We will have a busy day today.
Jared's mom, Cathy, is coming to visit, so house cleaning has been underway.
It's not that our house is really all that dirty, but having visitors motivates me to do the things I should have been doing anyway but have had no motivation to - like filing away all the random papers that pile up on the desk and finding a spot for those couple of boxes that are still hanging out in the spare bedroom.

There is always laundry to do. And I even got motivated and threw in some gender-neutral baby clothes to wash up. I might wash up some of the girl onesies and sleepers too - we have a 50/50 shot of using them after all. (And if this active little baby constantly squashing my bladder is in fact a boy, no one has to know if he wears a few slightly pink outfits right?) 
I figure there is no time like the present to start getting organized. November will be here before we know it.

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