Saturday, September 8, 2012

Laughs for the day

Doesn't everybody know the things you shouldn't say to a pregnant woman?

Phrases like
"Wow, you are huge!" and "Oh, I thought you were much further along than that."
And words like

People know this, right?

Apparently not.
I texted that question rhetorically today:
"Why do people think it's appropriate to call a pregnant woman enormous and huge?"

Beaner's reply:
Because America is going down the shitter.

Umm...okay. Yeah, I will accept that.

Thank you, Beaner, as always, for a well-timed, bluntly-stated pessimistic remark. 
I laughed.
Oh, how I love you.

I can always count on her to send me a funny link or an article I should read.
The latest link was to an open-post letter by the starting punter Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings to Emmert C. Burns Jr, a representative in the Maryland House of Delegates. Burns wrote a letter basically advising the owner of the Baltimore Ravens to not tolerate a player speaking out publicly about marriage equality.

My favorite website ( also helped me find this gem of an article. The blogger on Dlisted uses his warning phrase NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) to alert you to avoid clicking on a link while at work; for example, looking at those recently released photos of Prince Harry nude in Vegas. 

So I am going to rate the letter NSFP (Not Suitable For Prudes). So if you can't handle a few f-bombs and a couple funny male-anatomy references, feel free to pass.
You can read the full letter here.

I just love witty, outspoken people.
{Unless it's my husband putting an over-the-top rude customer service person in their place. Then I am usually embarrassed.} 
It's a serious topic injected with some humor. And I had a good laugh.
Seriously, come on - "hot dong action"??  
That was just funny.


  1. I am an especial fan of "are you having twins?" nope. "are you SURE???" oh, that's right, a-hole. I AM having twins and I forgot until you reminded me. Thanks. Douche.

    Also, heart that Kluwe letter!

    1. Ooo, I forgot that one! Fortunately, I haven't been asked that yet either. Hopefully no one asked you that! You were so adorable when you were pregnant. Not to mention you looked like you were carrying around a Barbie-sized baby in there.

    2. People constantly asked me that! My belly was pretty redic...


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