Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Bucket List

I finally got around to finishing our Fall Bucket List. I bought the cute leaf shapes a month ago, but when I went back to Hobby Lobby to buy another package, of course they no longer carried them. So what resulted is a lot of orange as I improvised and cut out some gourd/pumpkin shapes instead.
Our list seems a bit small, especially compared to this summer's.

But things like "visit a pumpkin patch" will take up the better part of a day and will hopefully include lots of other activities too. I read some other people's lists to get ideas, but there was no way "watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade" was making the list. Watching a parade - any parade - on TV? I would rather stab my own eyes out.
And we already have the girls' Halloween costumes, so that is another item already checked off way in advance. We have been practicing around the house with our plastic orange pumpkin buckets. These girls are ready for all that candy collecting!
And seeing as Baby #3 should be making his or her appearance sometime in {late} November, I didn't get overzealous. It will be enough work to drag my butt to twice weekly appointments - which start in two weeks.

Hopefully along the way I will think of some more ideas.
Feel free to share any good ones that I might be missing.
{Just don't bother trying to change my mind on the whole parade watching thing.}


  1. How about "have a child"?!! You will definitely get one checked off then :)

    1. So true! Finally one that I HAVE to complete!

  2. Hey - theres nothing wrong with watching the parade!!! You know just as well as any other parent(s) that you don't actually get to "watch" anything when the kiddos are awake...its more just playing in the background! I like seeing their floats and thats about it but rest assured it'll be on. Now, whether we'll actually get to watch it...thats another story!! :P You got a great list of things to do and it'll be so fun!! :)


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