Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Somebody bought himself his own belated birthday present.

And I am not going to pretend that I am overjoyed about it...

Said birthday gift is an 8 week-old German Shepard male named Reese.

Yes, he is cute. I will give him that.
And he has yet to have an accident. In fact, he will go to the door and whine to be let out. So he has that going for him.

Plus the girls seem a bit taken with him.

He is mild mannered and tolerates lots of "love" from both girls.

He is their new baby.
And they are very concerned that he is getting enough to drink.
So that makes three very happy family members.
Mama Solko has some reservations though.
Mostly the timing.
Ya know, the whole newborn arriving in like 3-5 weeks thing?
But apparently I am the only one concerned with this...
At 9 months pregnant, I do not appreciate having one more thing added to my list of obligations during the course of a day.
My grotesquely swollen feet {seriously, it's baaaaaddd} would like to log as many minutes up in the air as possible. Constantly keeping a puppy from attacking Bailey's hair - which I am sure is a great chew toy - is not my idea of fun.
But he is here now, so I know I have to make the best of it.
He is sweet.
And we did get him named in record time.
(An amazing accomplishment for us.)
Maybe that is a good sign.

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