Tuesday, November 20, 2012

38 weeks

So my doctor's appointment yesterday went basically as I had expected. Except my doctor did say a little bit more than "too bad" to my request for a trial of labor.

As anticipated he brought up the points of me having a 10-lb baby - based on adding 2 pounds to my ultrasound last week (which honestly, seems a bit stretching it in my opinion, but I guess I am not the one with MD behind my name...) and started to spout off all kinds of scary statistics about shoulder dystocia and the risk of uterine rupture because of my previous c-section. The word "lawsuit" came into the conversation a few times, and I know that obviously is a big reason for some docs to push hard for an "easy" scheduled c-section.

I respect his opinion, but had to bring up some points of my own.
I have been doing my own research and reading the recommendations on all these topics.
{My college OB instructor Kim Riffel would have been proud.}

And he did agree with a lot of the info I brought up, which is funny because it contradicted some of his previous statements.
Overall, he tolerated me pretty well...
even if he did jokingly(?) say, "I am starting to regret ever having met you."

Oh well.
My body, my baby.
I know in the end I will have little choice in how it all goes down due to my high-risk status (stupid diabetes) and having had that previous section (darn you, Bailey!), but I am not the type to just let him essentially use scare tactics to force me into submission. I at least want to discuss the facts a bit and challenge him on some of the points that seemed a little dooms-day extreme.

So the plan:

If I go into labor on my own by next Tuesday morning, I will be "allowed" to do a trial of labor for a VBAC. This is the best case scenario. Since I had a successful VBAC last time, I have even better odds of success and a further lowered risk of uterine rupture.
(Of course this is where my doctor points out that I may not be able to deliver this monstrous sized baby I am apparently carrying around.)

If I don't go into labor on my own by next Tuesday the 27th, I will be coming in that morning for a scheduled c-section.
The only positive to this is that I talked my doctor into checking my progress that morning. If I am dilated to 4 cm or so and deemed "favorable," then he will consider the possibility of using Pitocin to advance my labor and allow a Trial of Labor. Although if it doesn't work out, I am sure the c-section suite will be there waiting for me.

So long story short - I am praying Baby comes on its own. And soon.
But either way, Baby will be here in 7 days. 

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  1. Oh Kim would be SO SO PROUD! I have her on my facebook! I still have so much respect for her!!!

    I'm glad you "challenged" him although you shouldn't have to do that. I understand the "lawsuit" talks too though because no matter what, you want your baby healthy and safe regardless of typoe of delivery.

    When people say "c-sections are better" I'm all like..."have you ever freakin' had one???" Hell no they aren't!!! But then again, sadly I've never experienced the other. All I know was that I was out of it forever, barely remember seeing our babygirl leave, felt numb FOREVER, lots of pain and the feeling like your guts were going to pop out of your body for weeks! Oh, not to mention that I STILL have no feeling in my lower abdomen! ;s

    I'll be praying baby comes early honey and everything goes smoothly this time!! Hang in there babe!

    ONE WEEK!!! Holy shit!!! About to be a family of FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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