Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night

I like election night.
I am a nerd. And so is my husband. We sat glued to the t.v. and watched all the numbers come in like it was the Super Bowl.

I don't know why I even checked Facebook tonight.
I voted for Obama. And he has been declared the winner.
But if he had lost, I am pretty sure I wouldn't be online trashing our newest president elect and whining about how it is the "end of the world."
Seriously. The drama.

I am liberal.

But I didn't vote for Obama because I am part of the "47%" that needs a hand-out.

And I personally think it is ridiculous for people to think that freeloaders will be any different whether under a Democrat or a Republican. If you are lazy and looking for something for nothing, the color of the President's tie isn't going to make much difference to you.

And it's SO annoying to me to see multiple posts about how we have a leader without any "family values." And how some people are worried about the "morals that will be forced on our children."

Really?  Obama is that horrible of a person?
Is it because he supports gays having equal rights under the Constitution like the rest of the country?
Or is it because he supports a woman's right to choose?
Or - my personal favorite -  maybe it's the old "He is a Muslim!" spiel... 
{Aka - try and find a real reason to discredit him.}

Because honestly, none of those "morals" are being thrust upon your poor, unsuspecting children.
Regardless of who occupies the White House, it's your responsibility to instill values in your kids.
You can say whatever you want to your children about abortion.
You can tell your kids it is wrong for a man to be with another man.
You can teach your kids that anyone who doesn't subscribe to your religion is a bad person.
It's your choice. President Obama isn't going to swoop into our schools and brainwash kindergarteners with his "questionable morals."

As for me, I plan to teach mine that God created us all differently and that even if people are different than us (race, religion, sexuality), they still deserve respect. Sadly, I think tolerance is a way under-valued character trait these days. 

I understand people have different opinions, but the world is not ending because we still have a Democrat in the White House.

We all have different views and that is what makes this country tick. But it is also what drives it apart. I think - regardless of who the President is - politicians need to work together.
Not work against each other based on party affiliations.

And seriously, writing whiny-sounding crap about wanting to move to Canada on Facebook just makes you look like a sore loser. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.



  1. I said last night that I wish everyone who threatened to move to Canada had to actually follow through with it.

  2. Totally Agree! It is very frustrating being a Democrat in this Crimson state...all I've heard since election night is how we are going to become a socialist economy and all turn into Spanish speaking Muslims....DRAMA!


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