Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting antsy

Another week is here. Man, did the weekend fly by in a hurry...

It was my first weekend without having to work for a while, which was nice. Jared and I haven't had a whole day off together for a few weeks. And my swollen ankles are glad for the break.

I will be 37 weeks tomorrow (or 38 by my original dates) and I am starting to really anticipate Baby's arrival. Technically, by ultrasound dating, Avery was born at 36w6d. So right now, this is the longest I have been pregnant. Since my water broke in the night with both of the girls, I am just waiting for it to happen again. And soon. Apparently Jared is as well, since he reminds me how to call him at work nearly every night before he leaves. With all this early preparation, it will be our luck that Baby will be content to hang out until we force an eviction in two weeks.

I am not truly in a hurry. I know that the longer Baby stays cooking, the better. (So spare me the you-shouldn't-want-to-go-early talk.) But at the same time I am getting excited to meet him/her. Plus, it will make the process much easier to go into labor on my own rather than being induced.

And because I am anticipating a big pop of amniotic fluid any second of every day, I am in a constant state of picking up.
Every night, no matter how tired I am, the kitchen must be spotless and the dishes must be done. And then because I am becoming obsessive-compulsive like that, they have to be put away. I find myself thinking, "My mom doesn't know where all this goes" as I am toweling dry all the dishes that most definitely could have waited until morning.
Because it is obviously a huge deal if a couple storage containers don't make it back to their properly designated location in the kitchen.

The rest of the house gets the same treatment. Laundry is getting done in record time, carpets are vacuumed often, and the bathrooms are spic-and-span if I do say so myself. I don't have much tolerance for clutter right now. So things that have been needing a home for a while are finding one rather quickly. (Now the challenge will be to find them when we actually need them in the future... Sorry in advance, Jared.)

We used the nice weather on Friday and Saturday to get some outside work done. Together Jared and I raked up and loaded 5 truck bed loads of leaves to haul away. One thing I miss about living in the country - you just blissfully let the wind blow them out of your yard. I will be happy to not have to look at another leaf for quite some time.  Then on Saturday I mowed our entire backyard. With a push mower. It really needed it, plus it mulched up some of the few remaining leaves. 
Jared joked that the neighbors probably think he is the biggest hard-ass husband on the block - making his hugely pregnant wife go out and rake leaves and mow the lawn. But truthfully it was my idea; I was just "nesting" out of doors.

Other than that, the additional car seat is installed. Our Pilot is looking a little crowded now with all 3 car seats in there.
A nice minivan is sounding better and better these days...

Right now I am just trying to enjoy my last remaining days of being pregnant. Only 15 left!
{But who's counting, right?}
And I am enjoying my girls, who at this moment are dancing around the room with their babies to the music playing on iTunes.
They are going to be such sweet big sisters.

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