Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 out of 5

It's been a crazy, busy week.
A newborn's first week of life is probably always busy, right? Well throw in some sick children and parents and it gets a whole lot more hectic.

Graham's bilirubin has been monitored every day since he left the hospital last Wednesday. So every day we loaded him up and someone drove him (and me) to the hospital for his blood draws. By Friday his bilirubin reached 16.0 so it was time for a bili blanket.

So for the whole weekend we had our own personal at-home glow worm.

He chilled out in only his diaper and we snuggled up together.
And of course drove daily to get labs drawn.
By Monday morning his level was down to 9.6 and we were able to stop using the blanket. Hallelujah!

Also on Monday we took Bailey and Avery to the doctor. They have been the whiniest children on the planet (or at least it feels like it) and they just weren't getting any better despite massive amounts of Tylenol, Vick's vapor rub, and vaporizers running nonstop. Turns out that both girls have ear infections as well as upper respiratory issues. So we made a trip to the pharmacy for ear drops, antibiotics, and albuterol nebulizers for both girls.

We almost needed 4-point restraints to get both girls to tolerate the breathing treatments the first night. But after a time or two, they started fighting over who got to go first.

And if you thought our trips to the doctor on Monday were complete, you would be wrong.
My surgical incision had been starting to cause me a lot of pain over the past two days, so much so I had to start taking the Vicodin again. Then I noticed it was itching and draining. Awesome.
A quick trip to my OB led to a prescription for antibiotics for me as well. Apparently if my site wasn't infected, it was on its way. Off the pharmacy we went again.

Tuesday morning rolled around and Jared was the one calling to make a doctor's appointment. He is sick too, only this time it is his sinuses. And another pharmacy run...

So you would think we would be done with all this hospital stuff, right?

Graham has been congested for the last two days. We had just been watching it and listening to his lungs, which still sounded clear. But by this morning he sounded much worse. He had a cough and it was taking much longer for him to clear all the gunk out, which was a nasty green/brown color.

So off we went to the doctor's office. Yet again. His vitals were "adequate" and he was eating great while we were there. His lungs sounded clear to the doctor, but to be on the safe side he ordered some lab and a chest x-ray. The x-ray came back looking basically fine and the labs didn't tell us much either. However, his RSV came back positive. He most likely got it from one of the girls.

Being only 10 days old, the doctor wanted to be cautious about his plan of action. He decided to call Children's in Omaha to speak with a pediatric specialist there to decide if Graham's condition warranted an admission to the PICU there.

After {literally} an hour of waiting on said phone call (and me working myself up with flashbacks to Avery being admitted to the NICU), it was determined that he is not sick enough to be admitted.
Huge sigh of relief.
We are just supposed to keep watching him closely, making sure he still is eating enough and monitoring basically everything you can monitor on a newborn. So apparently I will just continue being overly cautious and worrying about every weird little breath he takes and whether he is sleeping too much or too little.
Seriously, my mommy nerves can't take much more of this stuff!
I was hoping just ONE of our children could let us have it easy!

Thankfully Cathy (Jared's mom) has been here visiting since Saturday. With all the doctor visits and sick kids, it's been a huge help to have someone else around the house.
Plus the girls love her visits.
{Despite sick Bailey telling her to "Go home!" when she didn't get her way.}

So for now we are going to be hanging out at home (*fingers crossed*) and saying prayers for our kids {and ourselves} to get better soon. The first few weeks are hard enough without throwing in hospital trips and extra worry. There are a lot of fun things for a family to do all together... being sick is not one of them.

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  1. Despite the sickness...ur last pic of the kids is cuuuuuute!

    I can't believe you are ALLLLLLL sick! What the eff man?!? So not even close to being funny. Your right, you got better things to do as a family :s

    Exhaustion doesn't even apply at this are way pass that point!!

    Hang in there honey...even if it's by a thread! Wish I could help, bring you all a meal WITH dessert, clean ur house, run errands for you...just wish I could do something :s love u honey!


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