Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

I've been meaning to post for a couple days now, but truth be told, we haven't really been home much.

In fact, we have been so on-the-go that Bailey woke up this morning and asked, "Where are we going today, Mommy?"
Thankfully the answer is Nowhere.

Christmas this year was even better than the last.

It was nice to not have to travel and be able to wake up on Christmas morning in your own bed. It was special to be able to watch the girls run downstairs to open gifts together in our own house. We didn't go see Santa this year (underachieving mommy) and I am not sure Bailey really knows much about the whole Santa-bringing-gifts thing. She just knew presents were under the tree and that is all that mattered in her book.

It was fun to spend time with family. There are always a lot of laughs and board games.
And food.
Big emphasis on the food part.
And even though we didn't get to spend the actual holiday with Jared's family, we saw both his mom and dad this month. And both girls are well aware of Grandma Cathy's presence, especially around Christmas-time, because she does send some very nice gifts

We had multiple get-togethers this year.

The first was with my Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Ronnie.

Weiss grandkids and great-grandkids

Every year we get together at their house and completely stuff ourselves with prime rib (like I said, emphasis on the food). We open gifts and play our gift exchange game, which b.t.w. - I scored some delicious wine. No peanuts this year!

And this picture about sums up the holiday experience for Bailey.
I am pretty sure she ate at least 20 cookies over the course of 3 days.
{She knows Grandma Sherri is a sucker.}
It's no wonder that girl never wanted to sleep.


For Christmas Eve we attended the annual candlelight worship service. And as previously mentioned, we portrayed the Holy Family.

Photos were indeed taken to commemorate the event.

Don't we look so pious?

And because Jared can't be serious for long...

However, I did keep it respectable and deleted the picture of Joseph goin' gangsta and throwing up a peace sign.

Graham did amazingly well during the service. I was able to lay him in the manger and he stayed asleep. About halfway through he woke up ready to eat. And because Mary didn't wear a nursing top back in the day, Brother had to wait. He settled for a pacifier instead.

After the service we headed back to our house with my parents and sisters and ate our usual post-church service meal of little wienies and other unhealthy snacks.

And as always we had to pose for pictures.

That brings me to Christmas Day.

The girls woke up around 8:15 and headed downstairs. Bailey knew what was awaiting her under the tree. Avery just followed along because that is what she does.

They would open a gift and play with it for awhile until we made them continue opening the rest.
We don't really go overboard with the presents, especially since they are still so young. We bought them some clothes and a book or two and some small toys we knew they would like - like PlayDoh. Presents from Grandma Cathy were under the tree too so the opening lasted for quite a while.

Jared made breakfast for us all and I sipped apple cider while the girls enjoyed their morning. It was nice and relaxed, with the exception of the occasional fight over who got to play with the new cash register first.

Mid-morning we loaded the kids up and headed to my parent's house to open gifts (and eat!) with them.

Our kids are truly spoiled by their aunts and grandparents. There was absolutely no room near the tree for another present. I must say though, our family is very good about buying things that are useful - like jeans and shoes. And also with a teacher in the family, the girls are always getting new books.

Bailey was especially liking her newest book (or was it Avery's present?) from Aunt Beaner.  She took a few minutes to read to all of us.

We stayed at my parents' all day.
I forced family members to play Rack-O with me - a game I asked for for Christmas. {Yes, those are the kind of presents I request.} I also logged in some hot tub time with Beaner and a bottle of wine.
Jared took about a 4 hour long nap on the couch.
Bailey consumed quite a few cookies while watching Disney movies on my mom's bed.  My dad enjoyed finding those crumbs under the covers on his side later that night.
Avery spent the afternoon constantly hunting down Beaner's cat.  Poor Kobe.
And Graham journeyed from lap to lap being snuggled and cuddled.

Then to officially finish up the Christmas holiday, we went after-Christmas shopping yesterday. We always like to go and get decorations and lights for next year. We truthfully don't need any of it, but I like having a festive-looking house at holiday time, and after Christmas is the time to buy more stuff.
I really do love a good sale.

Tomorrow I will probably start taking down the tree and Santa-themed decorations. But for the rest of today, I have no plans. And that is fine with me.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that picture of all five of you dressed up...STOP IT, it is so cute! What a beautiful family!


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