Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting in the spirit

We decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I wanted everything done before Baby's arrival. Same goes for Christmas shopping. All our presents were purchased and wrapped before Halloween this year.  And yep, I am bragging - I am pretty proud to have been so on the ball for once.

I seemed to remember the exhaustion that comes with a newborn and knew I would have zero energy for anything more than the necessities.

Although we put the tree up a month ago, we didn't actually put ornaments on it until last week.
And even that was probably too soon. Our decorated Christmas tree is a magnet for little hands. Bailey didn't bother it last year, but Avery is a different story this year. Slowly the ornaments have been migrating further and further north on the tree - for their own protection.

Every year we try to put the kids under the tree for a picture.
Our children are soooo not cooperative with things like this.
Bailey stayed put pretty well, but she makes the weirdest faces.
And Avery apparently thought that "cheese" meant to run as fast as possible to get as close as possible to the camera lens . However, she was always smiling - just blurry and out of focus.
Then we added Graham into the mix. He doesn't have a Christmas outfit, and we clearly planned this photo shoot so well seeing as he is wearing a duck-themed sleepsack.
Oh well. It's pretty hard for a 3 week-old to be photogenic anyway.
Here is one of the few where he isn 't cross-eyed or closing his eyes (probably praying for it to be over).

Bailey can usually be convinced to do things with food.
(Don't you just love our parenting techniques?)
She loves sweets. She goes on regular scouting expeditions to the kitchen, looking for cookies or anything else she isn't supposed to have.  So with the promise of a freshly baked cookie, she volunteered to pose for photos.
{I told you she made weird faces.}
And speaking of sweets, we are a bit late to the game, but yesterday afternoon we finally started making some Christmas goodies. I wanted to put together a plate for our sweet neighbors, especially since they cleared our entire (large) driveway and sidewalks with their snowblower yesterday. They are awesome.

I really can't believe Christmas will be here in 4 short days.
The next few days will be spent with family.
We  will celebrate with my mom's side at my grandma Joyce's house on Sunday afternoon. The highlight is the gift exchange/stealing game we play. This year I hope to not end up with the mixed nuts.  Just sayin'.
Monday night is Christmas Eve church service. We have been asked to portray the Holy Family since we conveniently have a fresh little baby in our family now.  So Graham will be Jesus and I will be the Blessed Virgin... {Try not to laugh at that thought.}
Then afterward we will have our annual meal of appetizers/horrible-for-you foods with my family.
Christmas morning will be celebrated at our house for the first time.
I am excited for the girls to wake up and run downstairs to open their presents.
(I am sure they will think all of them are from Grandma Cathy since whenever they see a wrapped gift or a delivery from FedEx, Bailey yells, "Gramma Cathy!!"  Forget Santa, Grandma Cathy already has that gig covered.)
And after that, I will be more than happy to tear down our Christmas tree and put away any surviving ornaments.

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  1. Loved reading this blog! And I think food bribery is awesome -- tell people to not hate! haha

    And uh, Bailey's "posed" face is so freakin' adorable!!! That could be on a cover somewhere haha She was dreaming of that delicious cookie to come! I seriously can't believe Graham is already 3wks old!!! He's gonna have to get tough fast with his rowdy big sisters :)

    I hope you guys have the best Christmas!!!


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