Thursday, December 13, 2012

Super Mom

Super Mom schedules newborn photos and arrives with a cute little baby and a variety of adorable outfits. Super Mom also uses said photos to send out precious birth announcements to all her family and friends.
Not only have we never done newborn photos, we haven't even really done family photos. {Okay, we tried once and both kids were not having it.} And we also haven't sent out a birth announcement. Ever. I even gave up on sending out Christmas cards this year. Fail.

Super Mom is patient and has more than enough energy to deal with both her newborn and her older children.
Yesterday both Jared and I wondered out loud if it would be child abuse to throw Bailey out in the backyard. And then she purposely dumped her milk out on the floor at supper and we were dangerously close to just taking our chances.

Super Mom entertains her children with educational activities and fun craft ideas - ala Pinterest.
Please. Simba, Ariel, and Lightning McQueen have been our girls' besties going on about 4 weeks now. And I have not one ounce of guilt.

Super Mom's kids always look cute - from their clothes to their hair accessories.
I am pretty sure in the past week that the girls have only worn pajamas, with the exception of times they went to the doctor's office. In fact I know that's right because when I did the laundry, there was a whole lot of footie pj's and about one pair of pants. And hair? Well, taming down Bailey's fro doesn't even make the daily to-do list.

Super Mom cooks a healthy dinner for her family.
Today we had hot dogs and mac-n-cheese. Sadly it was the best the girls have eaten in days. Thank God Jared does 99% of the cooking around here.

Super Mom eats those healthy dinners and takes care to make sure those pregnancy pounds come off quickly.
Not only did I eat the aforementioned mac-n-cheese today, I also had a Reese's mini peanut butter tree for dessert. {Okay, make that two of them.} And as for the pregnancy pounds - I am just going to remain in denial, cross my fingers, and hope that breastfeeding does the trick like last time.

Super Mom makes a point to dress herself and look presentable.
The only shirts I have worn in the past 2 1/2 weeks are from Target. Specifically the nursing section. And they are the world's most boring tank tops with snap-downs. And I own one in every single color available. Oh, and to really jazz it up, I pair them up with one of two zip-front hoodies that I own.  I give myself bonus points if there are no spit-up spots visible.

I hate those women who actually are Super Mom.
I am taking a small victory in the fact that we haven't killed each other and the house is still half-way presentable.
FINALLY the entire family seems to be on the mend health-wise. I am blaming a large chunk of my lack of energy and lack of giving-a-damn on the fact that we have spent entirely way too much time at the hospital or in doctor's offices.  Since Graham was born, I think we have only had maybe 3 or 4 days where we didn't make a trip to visit the hospital. It's pretty hard to enjoy your new baby when you are doing a big chunk of your bonding in waiting rooms and super comfortable exam room chairs...

The rest of the time you can find me with my butt firmly planted in our leather recliner.
(Early Christmas present from Cathy. LOVE.)
And if it is around 3 AM, Graham and I are probably both half-asleep, cuddled up in blankets, with my boob hanging out for the world to see. {Thankfully my chair doesn't face a window!} And since Graham absolutely hates a pacifier, he uses me as one. It's all right because, frankly, I am too tired to care. Cuddly, warm little babies make it so hard to stay awake in the wee hours of the morning!

Jared's dad visited from Kansas this past week.
Since Graham's favorite time to sleep is during the day, he got lots of cuddle time in.
(Aka, like 3-plus hours at a time.)

We haven't taken nearly enough pictures the past few weeks.
With every one's snotty, swollen, red noses and nasty coughs, the last thing we have wanted to do is pose for pictures. My goal the next few days is to effectively nag Jared into taking pictures of Graham. Even though I admitted defeat with the Christmas cards this year, we still need to get some cute little baby photos.

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  1. I don't care what u say, you are super mom!! I dress and act just like what's my excuse? Ha!

    Sooooo glad everyone's feeling better and can't wait to see cute piccys! I love his dark hair. Wish I could smooch on him. Oh and the boob hanging out bit? made me LOL!! I'm so proud to call u my friend!!!


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