Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flu? Yep. Definitely.

It hit us hard yesterday.

Everything was fine until about 7 o'clock. We had finished the nightly routine of supper and baths for the girls and were hanging out in the living room. I was sitting near Avery as she started to cough. And then she got a weird look on her face and I knew it was coming. The only thing I had available was my hand. So yes, I caught her vomit in my hand. At least the first bout anyway. Jared grabbed a baby blanket off the floor and caught the rest of it. The poor girl was covered.
Bath #2.

We put Bailey to bed a short while later, but were afraid Avery still might be sick, so we set her up on the couch just like I did Bailey the day before. Like clockwork she vomited multiple more times, but we were prepared with a garbage.

About this time I got a call from Justy. She has been staying at our parent's house a couple nights a week while they are gone on their vacation. She was calling from their bathroom floor. She couldn't stop dry-heaving and was so sick and weak she couldn't get off the floor. Jared went to pick her up and bring her to our house so she wouldn't have to be alone.

I was sitting in the recliner feeding Graham. Not five minutes after Jared left, Avery started making the face. But with a baby on my lap, I couldn't get there in time. It was everywhere.
Bath #3.

Jared got back with Justy and she set up shop in one of the bathrooms for a good long time. By the time I put Graham down to sleep at 9, I was already feeling sick. By 10:30 I was vomiting too. Afterward I felt immediately better. I slept for 30 minutes and woke back up feeling sick. I vomited again. Back to sleep. Repeat, repeat, repeat... all night long. My body felt like it had been run over by a truck. Actually, it still does.

Thankfully Graham chose last night to sleep for 9 hours.
9 hours straight!
Hallelujah! He couldn't have picked a better night. Although I did check on him every half hour when I got up - just to make sure he was okay. {The last couple days he has woken up every 3 hours, so I needed to make sure he was indeed still breathing.}
So far today, we have barely moved. I have consumed about 8 crackers total so far. Jared has so far not come down with it, so he has been refilling the girls' sippies with Powerade and distributing crackers around the living room. We have watched more movies in one day than I can ever remember doing.
I am hoping for a peaceful, uneventful night tonight. My aching body could really use some good rest.


  1. Good gracious woman!!! Talk about AWFUL!!! I sure the hell hope tomorrow is better for ALL of you! The boys are the only ones hanging strong (which NEVER happens)!!! I sure hope they stay healthy for goodness sakes!!!

    Glad everyone was willing to REST! Hoping for a better day tomorrow!!

  2. Oh no!! Hope this passes quickly. We had the flu over Christmas break and it was NO fun at all!


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