Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Winter Day

Yesterday we headed outside for the first time this winter.
{With a new baby and much illness,
we have definitely been slacking with the winter activities.}
This was Avery's first time in the snow.

Bailey remembered all the fun from last year.

Afterward we headed inside for the hot chocolate I promised them.
I used it as bait to get them to come in from the cold, but it didn't work until I promised marshmallows, too.

(Pretty sure this pic has the world's worst lighting,
but she was so excited by her grown-up mug that I had to post it.)

After hot chocolate and the colossal mess that came with it, the girls helped Jared make homemade pizza.
{I might be a tad bit biased, but my hubby makes the best homemade pizza.
The secret is his homemade crust. It is amaaazzing!}

Avery tends to eat more than help...
And regardless of how much slobber from Avery's hands ended up on our pizza,
it was delicious.

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