Monday, February 18, 2013

Graham's baptism

Graham Ellis Solko was baptized yesterday on February 17th at the United Methodist Church in Jolley, Iowa.
- the same church where I was baptized,
and my dad was baptized,
and my grandpa was baptized
and probably generations before him.

He tolerated it all the way you would expect a 3 month-old to; meaning he was sometimes happy, sometimes fussy, and very unsure of the entire prospect.

He didn't mind the water at all. Probably, as the minister remarked, because he couldn't feel it due to all that hair covering his little head.

Baptism seems to be a great time to get a few family photos,
specifically 4-generation ones.

{the Ellis side}

{the Weiss side}
After baptism we all went to my parents' house to celebrate - with food of course.
We spent the afternoon playing cards with my grandma Connie and chatting.
It was a nice end to a busy weekend.

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    Thats crazy -- but pretty awesome!

    and btw...the pic of him with the wet hair? A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!! Seriously, hes gotta stop with the cutness...he is CUUUUUTE!!!


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