Monday, February 18, 2013

the making of Elmo

Bailey really loves Elmo. Avery too.

So for her birthday this year we decided to try our hand at decorating a character cake for her.
It really was much easier than the finished product looks.

We got the cake tin mold for under 10 bucks off Amazon.
Directions come with it, giving you step by step instruction if needed.

We baked the cake a week ahead of time just to ensure that it came out of the mold alright, which it did, and then froze it.

We made our own frosting.
Store bought frosting is just not tolerated in this house. I am definitely a frosting snob.
{Except for the black. You usually can't get the frosting a dark enough shade on your own.}
And when I say "we," what I really mean is Jared. He made it at 4 AM that morning since he was unable to sleep anymore.

Black Elmo!
This was my first time decorating a large amount with the different tips.
Surprisingly it wasn't all that hard. Granted, my technique got a little sloppy here and there, but overall not bad for my first time.

And the finished product...

Bailey was very excited. {Pictures to come on her birthday post tomorrow.}

And I know we will do this again with different molds.
It was fun to be able to pick out a special cake and make it ourselves.


  1. LOVE this! Well done, it looks quite professional! I also really love the idea of the cupcakes in the same color family but with something different on them. Can't wait to see the pics tomorrow, looks like it was quite a spread! I can't believe it's been three years...

  2. "different tips" ... "wasn't all that hard" ... Im a pervert! haha

    But seriously, ya'll totally did an awesome job!! This turned out incredible!!

    I was going to do a mold for Jocie too...why not right? Makes it special and even if she cant eat the cake, maybe she'll play it and at least try the frosting?? Looking to the positives!


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