Thursday, February 21, 2013

This week with the Solkos

Man I am tired.
I think the past two weeks of Graham waking up a few times a night (and then staying awake) are starting to take their toll. He slept for a 7 hour stretch last night, so I am hoping we are headed in the right direction.

He is too long for all the zip-up style swaddle wraps, and he can get out of the larger-sized velcro SwaddleMe wrap, so I have resorted to using a large thin blanket. Last night was the first night he wasn't able to get an arm (or two) out. I have that thing as tight as I can possibly get it.

Also, speaking of sleeping, we officially have Avery moved over to her big-girl bed. The bed itself hasn't been a problem at all. The fact that the girls are now sharing a room once again - that is the problem. Surprisingly enough Avery is the one behaving in this instance. They were up for two hours talking to each other the first night. We figured they had to figure it out for themselves and didn't push the issue. They were finally both asleep by 10 pm.

The next night, Avery was yelling multiple times. I went upstairs to see what was going on. Avery is laying in her bed, head on the pillow, with no covers. Bailey has taken the covers off the bed and is attempting to put them on her bed.
I go up again about 15 minutes later: Avery is laying in bed, head on the pillow (with covers this time), and Bailey is sitting on Avery's legs.
Later I go upstairs again to find Avery protesting very loudly because Bailey has stolen her baby and bunny.
Finally all is relatively quiet. I can hear Avery talking, but she seems happy. I go upstairs to take a shower and peek in their room. Avery is once again laying in bed, head on the pillow, talking around the thumb in her mouth. And Bailey is fast asleep with her arms wrapped around Avery.
Melts. my. heart.
It's times like these that I am so glad they have each other.
I hope that even though they fight like crazy now, they will become the best of friends some day like my sisters and me.

Meanwhile, Bailey is also taking a big-girl step: potty training.
And yes, I wrote about potty training last fall and at the time Bailey was doing a pretty good job. But a week or so later she started to completely refuse to use the potty.
So we took a break.
(It was a very long break.)
Two weeks or so ago we moved the potty downstairs to the living room where she would constantly see it. A couple days later - after one too many nasty #2's in her diaper - we got fed up and stripped her down completely. No pants, no diaper, no underwear. Bailey has too much pride to pee without a diaper on, so it seemed to work. (Candy bribes also helped.)
This has been the scene around our house lately:
And she doesn't just lay on the couch half-naked.
She also loves to do naked handstands against the wall or on the recliner. It's pretty hilarious when she catches you off-guard. It was so funny the first time I wanted to take a picture and send it to my mom and mother-in-law, but I figured that might be considered child pornography, so I didn't.
For the last few days we have been accident-free. Here's to hoping this time takes!
Our little guy has been about the same.
No big milestones. He doesn't seem interested in rolling over just yet, although he is a big talker.
He is growing though.
It makes me so sad to go through his clothes and start putting away outfits that are too small. He can still wear some of his 3-month stuff, but the pants look more like capris. He is already wearing mostly 6-month sleepers.
My little baby is growing up too fast!
Besides pooping about 8 times this morning, he has been content to eat and hang out on the floor near his sisters' tea party.
Thankfully right now he is chilling in his swing so I can do some laundry and dishes.
A big snow storm is supposed to be rolling into town any minute now.
I am thankful for our warm house, a stocked fridge, and the fact that I have nowhere to go for a few days.

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