Monday, April 29, 2013

One Fine Day. finally.

The last few days have finally felt like spring, which was an awesome excuse to get out of the house for awhile.

After church yesterday we took the girls to Oleson Park in Fort Dodge for a picnic.
We packed up some food in a cooler and took off.

The result I get from instructing the girls, "Say 'cheese!' "
{Reminds me of how we used to say in elementary school: Do you like seafood? See food!}
The girls ran around on the playground equipment and then we took a walk to see the animals in the petting zoo. It isn't open yet, but the animals are out already.
Graham hitched a ride on me.
So Avery took advantage of the availability of the stroller.
Never mind that there was an infant car seat in there...

We had a fun time and enjoyed our first outing of the season.
I included this last picture just because I think my little lady looks pretty. :)
Bring on the nice days!

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