Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tubes Round 3

This past Wednesday Bailey had her ear tubes removed and replaced.

Her first set was placed way back in May of 2010 when she had her lip repaired. Those quickly clogged off with wax (I have such waxy children) and had to be replaced in November of that same year when her palate was repaired.

And since then we have done pretty well. Two years is a long time for T-tubes - or so I am told. She doesn't have frequent ear infections; it is just all that wax. Hopefully this next set lasts just as long or longer and she can start hearing normally again.

We had to be at the hospital by 6:30.
Since Bailey was the youngest patient, we got to be first. She was pretty timid once we got there.
She was trying to protest against wearing the surgical jammies, but once she received a stuffed bunny from her doctor, she was down for anything.
A sweet wrist band helped things too. She loves any "jewelry."

We watched some PBS shows while our doctor took his sweet time getting lined around.
Only 45 minutes late...
Luckily my girl is used to the doctor stuff. Crayons also helped for distraction purposes.

The procedure went well.
Both tubes were blocked and she had fluid in the right ear, so it definitely needed done sooner rather than later.

The recovery nurse rolled her back on her bed and I could hear her non-stop chatter coming down the hall long before she arrived to her room. She was literally yelling "hi!" to every person she saw. And then she proceeded to tell them all about her latest adventure: how she cried in the room and got yucky medicine and that her nose smelled and her ears were all better now.
Our nurse remarked, "Don't worry, she is just a little high from the medication" as she chatted away to me about all that went on.
That is just Bailey. Full of animation with so very much to say.

We hung out for another hour and a half, half-heartedly watching Sesame Street and cat-napping on the bed (Mom included).
She was begging to leave the entire time.
"Let's leave now. I want to see Grandma at my house."

Patiently waiting.
or as close as a 3 year-old gets.
All in all, it went very smoothly.
She did great and I was very proud of her.
It was good practice for the surgery she will be having this summer to revise her previous cleft lip surgery. That will be a much more involved one, but if she even does half as well as she did yesterday, I will be happy. She did pretty kick-ass with her first two cleft surgeries, and I don't think this next time will be any different.

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