Thursday, May 23, 2013

1st haircuts

Today was a milestone. 
And like all milestones, there were hysterics and tears.
Oh wait, that isn't what happens at your house?
Well, that's how it went down today.

I scheduled haircuts for both Bailey and Avery. Neither of them exactly "needed" a haircut. Truth be told, their brother needs one more than both of them. {But that isn't happening any time soon because that would make him appear waaaay more grown-up than I am prepared to deal with.}

I attempted to talk up this whole haircutting business.
I tried all sorts of different tactics.
Bailey was not having it.
Big girls get haircuts.   But I don't want to be a big girl...
Mommy and Grandma get haircuts.   Are you getting your hair cut today, too?
Your friend So-and-So just got a haircut.   Is she going to be there?
If you are good, you can have a sucker.  Umm... I don't think so.

But when the time came, she did end up in the seat, on my lap, in a cape, screaming as if her arm was being slowly sawed off with a dull knife. After the first snip - when she didn't feel pain to end all pain - she finally relaxed and took a non-hysterical breath. After that we were home free.

Avery did pretty well. After seeing Sister enjoy (if that the right word...) the end of her haircut, she was all about getting in on the action. She liked it for about two minutes and then was over it. God bless our hairstylist for being able to cut hair on a moving target!

I did get before photos, but seeing as my kids were nearing meltdown mode, they look a tad bit like homeless ladies without their proper psych meds.
So I am gonna go ahead and not post those...
And if I were awesome at this kind of stuff - which I am not - I would totally have a sweet before and after picture side by side thing. But I am way too lazy to google how to do that on Photoshop. (This is where Jared's technical skills are needed.)
So use your imaginations and pretend I made this look all professional. Okay? Okay.

Here are the after results.

Can't see much of a difference?
Congratulations - you sound just like my husband!
But really, Bailey's curly hair will benefit from an actual style.
And Avery?
I am sure she will continue to rip out any bows or clips I attempt to use in her hair and run around looking like she has never seen a brush in her life. As long as there isn't snot making her hair stick to her face, I will consider that day a win.

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  1. hahahahahaha you have NO IDEA how much this entire blog made me laugh!!

    Oh my gawd! my throat hurts so bad and now I'm coughing.

    DAMN YOU!!!

    They look so darling and I CAN TELL!!! Curly hair TOTALLY benefits from a cut & style. Way to go mama - you deserve drinks and a night out after all the bizness! haha

    I swear I can do J's and ppl would swear she hasn't had a good washin' in weeks. I'm like, mind ya bizness, she pulls on it, rubs it all over everything and fights me to brush it. And even when it IS brushed, its still a hot mess! haha

    Love this - and yes -- Graham's got some hair sister and a cut will definitely be in the near future. Start preparing haha


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