Monday, May 6, 2013

Avery turns 2

While Avery actually turned two today, we celebrated her birthday yesterday.

I can't help but marvel at how fast the last year went by. It was a blur of new homes and new jobs and a new baby brother.
{I feel pretty confident saying that this next year will be much less eventful.}
It was nice to relax with family and watch the joy of a birthday celebration on toddler faces. (Because if there are presents to open, Bailey is in on it, too.)
Year Two was the year of dress-up.
Dresses, shoes, bracelets, rings, boas...
The shoes provided some wonderful entertainment for the adults as the girls slowly navigated their clumsy feet around the dining room table, clop-clopping the whole way.

Jared baked and I decorated a flower cake for Avery this year.
She isn't Elmo crazy like Bailey, so we got away doing a simpler cake.

She didn't quite understand why only one candle went out on her first attempt.
It took another blow or two (with Bailey chomping at the bit to help) to get that last one.

It was a typical birthday for our family: no fancy decorations or over-the-top entertainment - just food, cake, candles, presents, family, and lots of smiles.
I'm so glad we were all together to celebrate.

Happy Birthday to our fiesty little lady!

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  1. All your kiddo's are such hams! They have the BEST smiles -- their whole faces light up :)

    Sounds like it was a perfect party & memory maker. Playing dress-up was a favorite of mine too!


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