Tuesday, June 11, 2013

tomorrow night. without kids.

Tomorrow night Jared and I will be leaving our children - all three! - in the hands of my highly-qualified {*fingers crossed*} sister Justy.

We didn't get to celebrate our anniversary this past weekend. At all.
In fact, Jared had to work at 6 pm so he made us a nice dinner before he left for work, which meant we ate at like 5:15. Yeah, just a tad bit early for me...
The meal was delicious.
The company - not so much.

Jared scarfed his meal and promptly ditched me to go do whatever it was he had to do before work.
Avery, who loves to eat 24/7, decided she was not in the mood for food. So she was climbing out of her seat, giving short bursts of her trademark ear-piercing scream, and attempting to stab the dog with her spoon.
Bailey on the other hand was insistent that Barney was on the TV (he was not), and she needed to go watch him that instant.
Graham, meanwhile, was uncharacteristically whiny on my lap while I attempted to eat a bite in between commands that the girls come back to their seats. (They did not.)
Happy anniversary!

So now that Mr. G has achieved his newest and most long-awaited skill, Jared and I are free to leave our home and eat a meal without at least one child for the first time since Graham's birth almost 7 months ago.
Praise Jesus, hallelujah!

I am thinking a calorie ridden meal and a bottle of wine are in my near future.
Can't wait.


  1. I don't know what you are complaining about.. that seems like a pretty good anniversary meal to me.;)
    I am excited to watch them.. But I may need to have you bring me back a bottle of wine to recover afterwards.

  2. I hope it was GLORIOUS!!!

    You are the best sissy Justy!!! I'm sure one day you will appreciate just how spectacular of a gift this was for Jared and Vanessa hahaha.

    We will be having our first night out, ALONE, July 13th!!! Oh yea, I know that's a ways away but this little lady is frickin' EXCITED!!! haha Its only taken us over 3 years to get to this point hahaha


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