Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Zoo Day

We visited the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha yesterday. The forecast sounded great, so we packed up our stuff and headed out.
In actuality, it was raining right when we got there. We hung out in the jungle for a while to wait it out, which worked out fine. It ended up being a beautiful day for the zoo.

Overall the kids did really well.
And having Aunt Fe there made a difference too.
Since there was so much to do and see, the whining was at an all-time low.
Yay for our sanity!

We took a couple of breaks so I could feed Graham, but he actually was so busy checking things out, he didn't want to stop and eat much. He loves being in the stroller as long as it's moving, so he took a nice nap or two.

The kids loved the aquarium, Graham included.
Everything is so bright and colorful; it really draws in their attention.
Plus seeing sharks swimming overhead is always cool.

It was fun to see them so excited and captivated by all the different animals - animals we look at in books and talk about, but usually don't see in person.
It amazes me to see the connections they make too: a crab was Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, every colorful, slightly orange-ish fish was Nemo, and a roaring jaguar was Simba (sure whatever, close enough).
And yes, my kids really enjoy their Disney movies...
The girls' highlights:
Bailey: the lions
Avery: "Baby goats! Baby goats!"


  1. Adorable! Looks like a great time was had. Graham is getting so big!!

  2. avery's favorite part was actually the ice cream I think!

    1. I wouldn't know seeing as I was stranded at a separate table feeding the little guy!


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