Monday, July 15, 2013

Fair week

This week was the Calhoun County fair.
Yesterday was the last day of events and it included mud volleyball. My cousin Matt and my sisters formed a team which included Jared, Alicia (Matt's girlfriend), and a few friends.
Meet the team:
The Bumpin' Amish
A few fake beards (one real!), a couple aprons, and some stoic faces
and you've got yourself some high-class Amish country folk!
{Best costume winners by the way.}
I was pretty jealous - and no, not just of the hot costumes. I like playing mud volleyball and look forward to being on the team next year, when I don't have a needy 7 month-old.

The team definitely didn't do so hot game-wise, but they sure drank just as well as anyone else.  :)

The rest of the week included a parade, complete with free root beer and creamsicle floats.

We toured the animal barns a few times. The girls took to calling it the zoo. Not really, but whatever floats their boats. Bailey particularly enjoyed the donkeys. (At least I think they are donkeys. Now that I think of it... I am not quite sure!)
On Saturday Jared set up a table for the flea market. The downpour of rain toward the beginning didn't do much for the crowd, plus it was the first year for it. He sold a few things, but not as much as we had hoped. Oh well, better luck next year, maybe?  

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  1. Your kids are so gorgeous...especially that pic of Avery, oh my gosh! I love Jared's stuff, if I lived closer I'd be commissioning all sorts of goodies!


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