Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Things I love...

*  Finally having living room furniture after 3 weeks of using only a recliner and a midget-sized loveseat. Hallelujah for a reupholstered couch!

* Avery waking me up in the middle of the night to use the potty. Progress!

* Tomatoes that are finally turning red.

* Sleeping in until almost 9 AM. Thanks honey!

* Delicious margaritas (in excess) and chatting with a friend last night.

Not lovin' so much....

* Moving aforementioned couch. No matter what Jared and I are moving, we are at each other's throats within 30 seconds, critiquing how the other is lifting or turning it. It's hell.

* Avery using the backyard like the puppy. Not sure how to convince her that she can also use the toilet for #2. It's never a good sign when flies start circling your child.

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  1. hahahaha ok, so the first part of the "loves" I would have to agree! But the "not lovin'" parts ... now those just plain made me laugh!!! haha


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