Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Things I love

1) How much my girls love going to the library to check out new books. I sincerely hope all my children love to read as much as Jared and I do.

2) Graham pulling himself up on Avery's chair after mealtime because he knows she will have dropped some tasty morsels and that they fell under her booster seat. Clever boy.

3) Not having to mow. Because it is all dead. Like dead-dead.

4) That my grandma Joyce did well after her first round of chemo. She is a stubborn lady and that is going to serve her well during her treatment.
Love you, Grandma!

5) My newest grocery shopping trick: pick up some grapes first thing. One grape an aisle did the trick to help Avery behave. The entire time. 
Why didn't someone share this tip of parenting brilliance with me before?! How did I just now figure this out?!

6) Bailey practicing writing her name. She struggles with B and Y. She was able to do a B for the first time all by herself. She was so proud! And it feels good as her mama to know that she is learning from all the activities we do at home.

7) Way less used-diapers. Avery is now going #1 and #2 on the potty even when she has pants on. And because she leaves her pants on, there is much less of a chance of the mailman getting mooned. Progress!

8) Being able to supplement our income by watching two extra children. They are good kids. Plus, the girls love having another playmate the same age around (even if Graham does not) and Avery loves babies. 
Just today she sighed and said, "Mom, I just love babies."
She has the baby-love of her Aunt Fe, the blonde look of her Aunt Justy, and the temper of her Aunt Beaner. Quite the combo. 

9) That my parents celebrated 30 years of marriage yesterday. Wedded bliss, right Mom? :)

10) That it's bedtime and I am going to go lay down and pass out. The leap from 3 kids to 5 during the day tires a person out!

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