Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Big Sister, Little Sister

Aunt Beaner sent our kids a little package in the mail today.

For the girls she included some hair accessories - always a big hit around our house - and two necklaces.

One for Big Sister.
One for Little Sister.

I don't think most people would guess these two to be sisters.
Most times if I go somewhere with the girls and Justy comes along, strangers inevitably assume Avery is Justy's child - not mine.

They do look different. And not just because of the hair.
Bailey is a skinny little thing while Avery is more "built" - to put it nicely. Bailey has her dad's greenish-tinted eyes and Avery has my blue. 
They have different personalities too.
Avery is quick to decide and her only volume is a near-screaming level at all times. Bailey is more reserved and takes her time with almost all things.
But they already share so much.
They are both goofy and love to make people laugh - especially each other. It thrills me to see their sense of humor emerging in everyday things. Avery loves doing all the things her big sister does, like wearing dresses and quoting "The Lion King." They love to dance and read books and play cooking and trap each other in the toy box. Together they both badger me daily to watch "Word World." (Oh, how I loathe you "Word World"...)

They fight frequently. Someone is always stealing a doll or wearing the other's shoes. Avery can't get away with anything because Bailey is right there to rat her out. But despite all that, they are each other's biggest cheerleaders. Twice a week Avery is at the front door, waving to her sister as she boards the school bus, yelling, "Have fun at school, sister!" And Bailey is frequently right outside the bathroom giving encouragement and then praise for Avery's potty successes. Or failures. "Accidents happen, Avery."

There isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful they have each other.
Those who know me know that I grew up with three younger sisters.
I cannot imagine not having them in my life.
They are the ones I text funny "New Girl" quotes to. They are the ones who attend slightly odd concerts with me. They are the ones I laugh at the same family stories with again and again and again. They are the ones who love and tolerate me even when I am being bossy and overly opinionated. They are the ones who know everything there is to know about me. They have been there since forever.
They get it.
They get me.
When I was pregnant with Avery, so many people asked me, "You're hoping for a boy, right?"  And I have to be truthful - I wasn't.
Obviously I knew Jared wanted a boy, and I would have been fine either way, but deep down I wanted a sister for Bailey. Having three sisters of my own, I wanted that for her.
For both of them.
I wish for them a relationship like the ones I have with my sisters. It really is a bond unlike any other. And while we might know exactly how to annoy the hell out of each other, the laughter and love is always right there too.

And I hope my girls have as many laugh-until-you're-red-in-the-face moments as we do.


  1. Love, love, LOVE this! I am so glad that Avery and Bailey have each other, too. And someday I think Graham will be happy to have two sisters. :)

  2. Love this!! They are both so precious!


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