Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Brand New To Me

Just wanted to give a shout out to my hubby for all the extra work he has been put into building things, not only for our home, but for his Etsy shop.

Jared started his Etsy shop back in May because he had been tinkering around in the garage with different woods, old windows, and rusty farm stuff. And these little projects were starting to pile up. He decided to look into selling a few things on Etsy. Since then it has been pretty unpredictable. Sometimes he will go a month or so without an order or even an inquiry, and then there are times like yesterday when he got three orders in about half an hour.

Right now he has started making a new item, one that our friend messaged him a request for.
Apparently everybody is prepping to hang their stockings with care, because he now has multiple orders for a wooden Merry Christmas stocking holder.
{Okay, one of them is an order from me, but wives count too, right?}

stocking holder in progress...
Check out his Etsy shop to see the finished product.

He has been relegated to the basement to do some projects since the garage isn't heated. He has a make shift area down there where his paints won't freeze and the glue might actually dry. Don't feel sorry for him, he still gets to escape quickly and "go work on that project..." when the kids get a little whiny.
If you are interested in seeing any of the stuff he creates and sells,
click on the Brand New To Me button on the right side of my blog page.  

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  1. Oh my gosh - he makes some AMAZING things!!!
    Going to have to check it out more when the little man is down for a nap. I could see a few of those items in my house, and all would make awesome Christmas gifts!


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